[ Shamz Reviews ] – W / 더블유

Back with a review of a new drama finally! Well I mean if you can call it new. Anyway ‘W’ was a consequence of my Instagram being annihilated with its kiss scenes. I haven’t watched any of the recent dramas’ for 6 months so when I did decide to finally start one, ‘W’ was the first to come to mind. I literally went into this with no background info and I don’t know if that was a good idea or not.

Basic Story Line: If you ever wondered what it would be like to meet the man of your anime/manga dreams and be able to live in it – then ‘W’ is your fantasy answered. For some reason all the normal sites had poor summaries… Anyway it basically revolves around the female protagonist who gets pulled into a webtoon her father created and ends up becoming emotionally attached to the male protagonist of the webtoon and his journey into the real world.

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I did not like this drama. Shit I said it. I didn’t really go in with any expectations in the first place.

The premise for the drama was awesome, I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to travel into their favourite anime/manga? Pacing was brilliant compared to the usual dragged out plot nonsense and at first spontaneous. Since everything was quick and snappy, I was constantly buzzing with curiosity.

Key phrase: at first spontaneous. Unfortunately, I lost interest by maybe Ep. 5? Initially I was confused as to why because all the comments were littered with praise and silent screams of amazement. I was reading them like, fam, what do you see that I don’t? Finally it dawned on me why- the constant unpredictable outcomes, shit storms between the two worlds and resets became dry. I was so bored with the switch ups that I ended up watching for the sake of knowing how the curse ends. The romance between the protagonists also felt a little rushed on how they all of a sudden fell deeply in love. Does it usually take four encounters? I’m not gonna get started on the ending because I don’t want to spoil it- I was not pleased and at one point a little baffled.

I do applaud the writer for managing to tie up all the confusing tangles that came with such a story. Just got a little too loco for me. Not sure about the acting of our protagonists, (god damn Lee Jong Suk is hot), but I have to give notable mentions to Kim Eui Sung and Lee Si Un. Kim Eui Sung shook me so hard on his villainous character switch up; he actually looked psycho. It wasn’t even an awkward transition and I had to clap my ‘retarded seal clap’ at his performance because he was by far the best in the series. Lee Si Un, ahh how happy I was to see his face again and he did not disappoint either. Nerd suits him well. Kind wanted to see more of Kang Ki Young because he’s a personal favourite too but I was left hanging. 😦 I do have to give a notable mention to the chemistry here since it’s been a while since I saw something remotely done well. Cheesy as f*ck and sometimes a little too unrealistically romantic but cute. To the point it made me cringe in a corner at some points.

All in all, I was moist in the beginning for ‘W’ but after that I zoned out. Just lost my interest among the chaos and was only there to drool at Lee Jong Suk because – fan girl priorities. I did see a few comments mention his acting was unconvincing, although personally I never noticed much from him. Maybe that shows how bad it was? Well I would still recommend the drama since their seemed to be a lot of hype in the comments and the storyline isn’t actually cliché. There was just something annoying about how much unpredictability you had to go through but overall it wasn’t so bad that you couldn’t carry on with it. My friend absolutely loved it… maybe it was just me who didn’t fall for it?


[header image  © Asian Wiki: W]


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