[ Shamz Reviews ] – Signal / 시그널

MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE IN THE YEAR SO FAR! (Okay I only ended posting this up in 2017 sooo I actually meant 2016) Descendants of the sun? Pssht you gotta be kidding me- this is gold. I don’t think I’m ever going to shut up about this drama so let’s go go go!

[ Basic Storyline ]

It was the storyline that kept me going. Even my non-kdrama fan mate said she would watch it just from the story. A detective from the present somehow finds himself with a walkie-talkie enabling him to communicate with a detective from the past. Together they begin to unravel the unsolved as well as the corruption that is Korea’s enforcement system. Oooo drama! Okay Shamz chill…

[ Likes ]

– #StellarCast –

Their experience shone brilliantly. Although I don’t know where they were going with Lee Je Hoon, (Park Hae Young), portraying a teen. Mate he’s 34. Gotta admit he was less tight in his acting than the rest. Especially for the sympathetic scenes, it just came off a little unnatural.

Kim Hye Soo’s badass vibes had me wanting more and her charisma was explosive. Even when she played an innocent marshmallow- it was on point. However it was the past detectives that had me reeling. The clumsy bear that was Lee Jae Han (Choi Jin Woong) and the pure evil dripping from Kim Bum Joo, (Jang Hyun Sun), was what stood out in this drama.

– #StoryOnPoint –

It was tight. The unpredictable outcomes and constant emotional turmoil it put me through was so worth it. Originally I was hesitant on how the transition between the past and present would play out, but it was smoothly done. Character portrayals, the chilling corruption and tragedies- dramaaaaaaa! I loved it and all the creepy feels it gave me!

– #FTheRomance –

Just a minor point but can we just appreciate how the story DID NOT rely on romance to keep it going. There were slight romances but it wasn’t the core to the story and its lack of didn’t hinder my enjoyment at all. I’m glad they decided to leave it out because it could have ruined it in my opinion.

[ Dislikes ]

– #LeftMeHanging –

I was a little gutted that the ending was left open I was craving for an explanation. I was just wrapped up in my bundles of blankets, frustrated with not knowing if they find each other. Like at least explain to me the mystery of the walkie-talkie nonsense. I saw a few comments saying how there could be a 2nd season but I find it unlikely since they’ve gone through all the cases that were interlinked with Park Hae Young and Lee Jae Han. There would be no use of the walke-talkie right?

[ Would I Recommend It? + Rating ]


10/10. Whooosshhh my first 10. You seriously won’t be disappointed watching this drama. #IWasAMess


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