[ Shamz Reviews ] – Madame Antoine / 마담 앙트완

Madame Antoine I kind of just watched mainly to give Sung Joon another chance after the misery that was ‘High Society’. Legit only watched two episodes and then ducked- yeah that bad. Gathering from my mates I realised there’s mixed opinions on Han Ye Seul, (my friend absolutely loathes her). Personally, I think she’s decent, not to mention banging. Plastic surgery or not.

Basic Storyline: ‘Basic’ is what the storyline is. Meaning the typical not-a-believer-of-love male protagonist meets the erratic and romantic female protagonist who changes him.

Despite not being an intense psychological drama I was extremely glad the drama decided to incorporate patients with ‘sort of’ relatable issues. Romance was the core of the drama, many of it’s moments focusing on the development of the main coupling but thankfully they included some psychology. It would have been a little weird to have nothing of it, despite it being both protagonists forte. My favourite had to be Soo Hyun’s friend; Kang Tae Hwa’s (Tae In Ho) life of lies due to familial pressure. #IfUrAsianUGetIt

Writer, you did not fail me on the matching of all the characters. More importantly there was chemistry between them.  I adored Ji Ho, (Lee Joo Hyung), and Yoo Rim’s, (Hwang Seung Eon), teenage-like and dorky relationship to the point where I didn’t even cringe from the constant fumbling hands and saliva dripping. They seriously had more kissing scenes than the main couple and you could even hear the lip smacking. Professor Bae, (Jang Mi Hee), and Seung Chan, (Jinwoon), was actually a nice surprise. Initially I thought he was going to just be the conflict to the protagonists, but the connection with Professor Bae was cute and refreshing. Probably a good move to keep their relationship open ended so people can interpret it the way they want. Let’s be honest, not everyone’s going to accept that age gap.

Near the middle it became repetitive and dry, as is the case with similar dramas. Constant chance giving to Soo Hyun, who wouldn’t just man the f*** up, and then making up by the next episode, after a while the push and pull just got… dead. Circling around the stupid experiment was jarring. The main couple really needed to get it together for this drama. Even Seung Chan looked so done with their sh*t.

Although it wasn’t an intense psychological drama, I actually didn’t mind the light-hearted nature of it. However, despite finding it decent, I don’t think I would recommend this. I just can imagine my mate clicking out after the 5th episode.

4/10 – it’s not meant to be a harsh rating. I did enjoy it, just not that much.



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