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Yes, so this post was supposed to go up like… 5 months ago. As per ususal I’m later than the puberty train hitting me but let’s just slide past that embarrassing fact. So hey! I haven’t watched a drama in 6 months since my operation, which is a little sad but I had my existential issues. However I’m here with my quick thoughts on the ones I did manage to finish beforehand. #MostOfThisIsMurkyMemories

Now let me introduce you to ‘Remember’ which I thought would mainly involve me thirstbucktin’ over Yoo Seung Ho. But in actual fact I was scratching my laptop screen out of frustration.

[ Basic Storyline ]

It’s actually a pretty simple revenge story. Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) embarks on a personal journey to bring justice for his innocent father, (Jeon Kwang Leol), whom was falsely accused by the filthy rich. Photographic memory becomes his major asset as well as his destructive flaw. That is basically it. I mean of course the story has its ‘slight’ twists but the drama doesn’t really stray away from this basic storyline.

Credits: AsianWiki

[ Likes ]

– #MyManMin –

Don’t question the hashtag; legit proud of that alliteration. As aforementioned, I started this drama initially thinking I would be drowning in a pool of thirst for Yoo Seung Ho. I’ve been waiting for his comeback after enlistment so I was on it. (He had another drama called ‘Imaginary Cat’ or some silliness but – I ain’t watching a drama on a cat unless I got time).

Namgung Min, the sneaky moth******** completely thrashed my agenda and slid in with his above par skills. I never even glanced in Yoo Seung Ho’s direction. His character (Gyu Man) embodies a selfish, immature and spoilt chaebol son with major daddy issues. My Man Min played the character so close to the specs that I couldn’t hate his shattered character. Despite being the ‘Mojojojo’ to Seung Ho’s justice-seeking gang of ‘Powerpuff Girls’, he still managed to make me angry, smile, sad and fall over laughing. #CompletelyWrecked

– #Tom&JerryIsh –

‘Remember’ was legit a season of Tom & Jerry. Jin Woo’s countless boss-like plans were destroyed literally every week. I swear there was no aired week without a clapback by Min. I guess some would consider this an annoying trait of the drama since it’s just elongating the storyline for no reason. Whilst I slightly agree, part of me loved it because it had me in a mess every time. This is where scratching my laptop screen comes into play.

– #NeverTrustAnyone –

If your looking for a drama to show how corrupt humans can be, you’ve found it. Every character fails our protagonist, there was no loyalty. Left, right and centre you just had betrayal after betrayal and it was actually kind of funny because Jin Woo’s life was the perfect definition of ‘peak’ (urbandictionary).  Admittedly I think the reason why I liked this aspect was because of how hilarious it was, as bad as it sounds, I couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculousness of it’s scale. Won’t be a Kdrama without it’s exaggerations.

– #BroOnLock –

Soo Beom (Lee Si Un) and Gyu Man’s relationship was… interesting. Never could understand how this guy managed to stil to Gyu Man insult after brutal beating. Even if they were besties, I was a little startled by the intense loyalty- something Jin Woo desperately needed. Despite the abuse, the writer portrays the friends as absolute in their ties which I thought was quite sweet, even if I was worried for his health and blessing him away from Gyu Man’s issues.

– #TalkSatooriToMe –

I don’t know- Satoori just sounds cool. The amount in this was very satisfying so I’m just gonna leave this here. #DontJudgeMe

[ Dislikes ]

– #DeadChemistry –

Not sure if a romance was intended for the main protagonists. Hate to admit this but the chemistry was so awkward that I’m not even gonna lie to you and say I didn’t skip some of their parts. In Ah, (Park Min Young), resembled a caring noona from the get go, so I didn’t really see past siblings. Even the cute bromance between Sang Ho (Kim Ji Hoon) and Soo Beom (Lee Si Un) was more promising.


[ Would I recommend it? + Moist Rating ]

Yes if you’re into revenge, corruption and a mountain of smug faces. No if you’re looking for that plus a side love story. Because there is nada.

whale (fcp1).png

7/10. Satisfying storyline although some moments did feel dragged out or not needed. Nevertheless the tragic failures kept me waiting for the next episode. I’m not going to deny that Namgung Min did pretty much save this drama for me. The ludicrous exaggeration of his character had me attached even though he was an absolute b*tch. I know Park Sung Woon was also a lead, however he wasn’t entirely impressionable to me. He was fun when he played into that smug, gangster image but once the dramatic scenes came along, it was like he was constipated.


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