[ Ep 6 ] – I wanna party with a shattered Yugyeom…


Yes, yes I did ‘Drinks with Unnie’ and best believe it felt so good to finally be back at it. I’m not gonna go into my personal issues because I don’t even understand the whole mess myself. SO…

Whilst this loner was prancing around in Korea, there was Kpop drama unfolding anywhere but in Korea. Trust my luck huh? Okay I know I hate drama, but you know at the same time …

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 18.24.51.png

BTS in Sweden. Give me a minute.

What dumbass, clapped crab looking, IQ of a carrot, trampy b*tches thought it was a wise idea to leg it after 3 Korean guys out of nowhere. Mate- why you f*cking it up for Europe? I know some girls are a little loopy in their mashed up minds, but come on man. Keep it to your dreams Fam. When this news popped up on my feed after a hanging morning from Hongdae, I just groaned in disappointment.btsfanschasing

I just don’t understand how they thought it was a brilliant idea. Oh and of course someone was there ready to hit up twitter with photos. (Lemme not) Even though I get the mental breakdown of finally having Kpop idols jamming in your endz. Still you try and keep a distance so you don’t inconvenience them or the actual people who live there. I can’t blame Sweden to be honest. Not their fault a bunch of stupid fans couldn’t hold in the gushing thirst in their panties. I did hear the other rumours and no I didn’t believe them because no proof actually came up for me to accept them. I mean, people aren’t that crazy to jump fitting rooms right?

GOT7 ‘turn down for what?’ at Mark’s yard. YES! Bring on the drinks, shattered millennials and the 100 seconds of wasted on Snapchat. But let’s keep it private yeah? Especially since you’re dealing with Kpop idols. If you think the Beliebers are crazy then you’ve never met the Kpop fandom jungle- it’s mental. So yeah I gotta admit Mark’s friends were being absolute wastemen for not realising the consequences of their dumbass Snapchatting. I mean I don’t see the problem of them getting absolutely trashed, and mind you the party looked turnt, but come on; you’ve got some next level stars with you so sit back on the Snapchat.13643585_962336763865207_1407971857_n

As I’ve mentioned, I really don’t care that Yugyeom was absolutely shattered because it was fucking hilarious seeing how blanked out he was. I get that it’s illegal for him there but… I’m sure he isn’t the first one. Plus it was hosted within boundaries. It’s not that deep. Bambam on the other hand- yeah he f*cked up bad. Glad he put out an apology because I ain’t gonna believe he doesn’t know what the word means.

Daehyun’s lightened selfie I don’t really know how to react to. I mean yeah the comments were ignorant to lash at the ‘tanned horror’, but then again this is the Asian continent. I mean those comments were just plain idiotic but given the continent’s indoctrinated notion that lighter skin equates to beauty, you can see why it wasn’t considered wrong to some. The notion is dumb; as a South Asian I can admit that after seeing many cousins lighten their own. Honestly though, the most I can say is that hopefully it would get to the point that it’s not such a ‘flaw’. In the western world, with the second generations’ it’s slowly disappearing. However back on home turf I can’t really say the same. I guess it’s a waiting game and I hope the tanned idols ignore the ignorance in the future because skin colour is just a fact, not a detriment. #TeamMelaninAintThatBad daehyun_1469735406_af_org

BLACK PINK IN YOUR AREA. YAS BITCH COME INTO MY AREA! I have been waiting for their debut for years, which seems to mean decades for YG. The coincidence with Minzy’s departure is blatantly obvious, but I can’t deny Black Pink didn’t rock it. ‘Whistle’ was my favourite, because I couldn’t deal with the bout of ‘OPPA!’ and the random war cries from ‘Boombayah’. Yes they knocked down that chart and I’m so proud. No bias currently but that’s the least of my worries. I’m just hoping they don’t get dusted like 2NE1.bpink.jpg

Anyway, session ended because I need to go and blast out Infinite’s new song. It is an absolute T-U-N-E! I feel so bad for sleeping on the group but to be honest their music previous to ‘Bad’ didn’t really catch me. Yeah I watched their ‘Weekly Idol’ and yeah I was cracking, rolling on the floor at the despair that was Sunggyu. So bye!


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