[Ep 5] That One Time Bangtan Offended My Inner Traveller – “What’s wrong with you?!” [J Hope]

Finally I have managed to watch the BTS Bon Voyage series produced by V App live, which by the way is an absolute jacked up joke. I mean let me not get started on the subbing and it’s mediocre connections but whatever. Negativity ruins the soul.

Completely random post I wouldn’t normally write, but hey ho, I never stick to shit here or in real life apparently, so roll with me. My god, only two episodes in and I can’t believe how much this series offends my inner traveller. I don’t understand how all of them remained so nonchalant through the entirety of what I’ve just watched.

Jimin loses his suitcase- I would have been running from bus to bus chasing it. Namjoon almost loses his bag- bitch better believe I’m dashing up that mountain. Hoseok probably was the only sane one; when he lost the tickets he legged it straight up.

But seriously guys? How does this happen all within a 2-day span? Fam, if Jungkook had told me to let it go I probably would have booked it and ninja punched his buck tooth straight. Then again, boy could probably f**k me up by one fly kick. Or a body roll or two.

Jin was probably my only sense of sanity among the hilarious yet painful chaos. His attitude throughout the situations proved exactly why he’s the mother. At some point. you could tell Jimin was disheartened and I found it cute how he hovered closer to Jin and Namjoon amongst the others. Then you had Yoongi stirring shit up as always. Although I was kind of confused as to where he vanished to in the ending of Episode 2.

On the other side of the spectrum, the younger siblings were lost in their intertational worlds of ‘freedom’. Jungkook, the avid tourist snapping every tree in sight and then you have Taehyung, being a cheeky little sh*t he is. Mate just dropped into the closest TGI’s, debit card in hand, one flick of the wrist and he’s munched his way to contentment. Like how was he so chill about just eating when I would have run around trying to find the others. Admittedly, he looked like he had no troubles getting his way around with the only English word dropped being -‘go’. Then again who knows what was edited. Then again this is Taehyung we’re talking about.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 18.36.59.png

Jungkook seemed lost in his own world and reminded me how much of a loner he can be. Not in a bad way or anything. I just mean in terms of wandering around on his own, avoiding the ludicrous shambles around him. In my little BTS hiatus I nearly forgot how introverted and quiet he could be.

Anyway, I’m gonna go blast out to the next episodes and watch this chaos of a trip unfold more. I just don’t see how wrong they managed to go with all of this but I guess ‘closeted-from-life’ Kpop idols makes it unsurprising at the same time.

After you read my Korea posts you’ll be able to see that I can say sh*t. I was a hot mess- if I say so myself.

[ BTW all my screenshot credits go to hellosarang who is amazing and I probably wouldn’t have been able to watch it if it wasn’t her because V App decided to be bitches ]


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