Episode 8 – “Livin’ Like Beep” [BTS – 불타오르네]

Well hello…

So I’ve missed around 3 months worth? I don’t even know but my excuse is Asian weddings and of course my month holiday to Korea! Yes I said it and boi does it feel like a dream when I say that. It’s only been around a week or so since I’ve come back and I’m already missing it. Sad realities. Since I’ve missed a bit I’m going to just give a quick run down of my faves from May till July because otherwise this post will be long.

Save Me / Fire / Butterfly  – [ BTS ]

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.33.42

Yeah you had to see this coming on my blog as soon as that comeback dropped. And yes I’m still pissed about the way bighit decided to make me spend so recklessly. Oh well it supports them right? After all they’ve upgraded from using their  managers cars to burning random cars up. ‘Save Me’, despite looking like a shampoo ad was a longer hook for me than ‘Fire’, but both were undoubtedly bangin’. I mean send me an invite to that MV because I was literally biting my knuckles watching just from the hype. Especially the infamous 3:30 part. The lyrics for Fire spoke more to me given the whole live your life element and apparently it’s okay to be a looser? Why thank you Bangtan for those words of wisdom. I do have to give a special mention to the ‘Butterfly Prologue Remix’ on the Young Forever album because the song definitely had me like a Kdrama clutching my chest thinking where it all went wrong. As you do on a train ride to Charing Cross..

I Like That – [ Sistar ] 

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.41.27.png

Okay I heard this when I first got to Korea since that was when it was released. I admired the sexiness that was Hyolin as per usual but the song didn’t really catch on. Happens a lot to the Kpop girl groups and me. HOWEVER Korea itself seemed to disagree with me and decided to play it in every shop I visited. Thus I got to the point I was mouthing the lyrics of the chorus and played it constantly in the morning. This song and TWICE’s ‘Ooh Ahh’ (not a fan of it) wouldn’t stop so it just became a Sistar inception by week 1.

 $insa – [ Zion T, C Jamm, Reddy, Xitsuh ]

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.49.27.png

Okay I’m gonna be honest. Never once watched SMTM, nor do I have any idea who the other artists are in this apart from Zion T. But let me tell you I am officially a fan. I did watch their live performance and can I just mention- men in suits? Yes please! The random dancing that came off slick at the same time, coupled with their styles was a perfect combo for me. How did I come to hear this song? Well what are clubs for after all? (minus the thirstbuckets overflowing on the dance floors)

Monster – [ EXO ]

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.53.08.png

Yaaaaas – wait let me calm down. EXO, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know much about apart from the basics and of course the annihilation of probably half their team. This song… was a tune. In true EXO fashion, the questionable outfits (was Baekhyun wearing a lip nose ring thing?) and pure amazing dancing as well as the addictive singing. Yeah I was in it from day one. Still no bias for these guys but I am seeing them more and more as I begin stocking them up in my news feeds. Can I mention how Xiumin looked sooo HOT? I mean I fell in love with the Xiumin for sure.

Fire Truck – [ NCT 127 ]

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.59.45.png

Big NCT U fan anyway so this was bound to happen. 7th Sense was my jam for a while so once I saw teasers for this I was on it like super sonic. When I did originally see it I was questioning what the hell was going on with the overload of white people in the MV and why they were spraying water everywhere (yeah I know you were thinking those same dirty thoughts). Once I read the translations I finally put two and two together and I was jamming constantly. I feel sorry for the neighbours we had in Korea because it was just a SM rave everyday. The sort-of carnival breakdown at the end is by far my favourite part. But wait- Jaehyun? I was admiring Taeyong, because why not, and then some raven haired guy jumps out of nowhere trying to question my loyalty. When I realised it was Jaehyun I couldn’t stop staring- was he rapping-singing? Cute WinWin had like no lines and was just chilling their looking cute and shit but I wish I could have heard him. I would still have to say I seem to lean to the NCT U subunit slightly more just because I grew to like them a lot. Furthermore – have you seen how straight Ten’s teeth are?

SIDE MONSTA X NOTE: I finally watch their ‘All In’ MV and I mean it’s not bad. I’m not really sure where the MV is going although I had a load of questioning looks on my face when people were staring too closely at each other and prancing with flowers. But you know, do you right? Anyway the song itself in the beginning caught me and so I was waiting for that beat drop, which sadly never came. So it was all too blurred for me so unfortunately it’s not on my playlist for now. Still luv ya Monsta X!

So much for trying to keep things short and sweet huh? Well you know I’m an awkward rambler so it was inevitable. x TOS



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