Episode 7- “Yesterday Is Today, Today Is Yesterday” [NCT U- The 7th Sense]

Hellooooo … So for this month it seems I just became trash for a couple of new artists. Actually let me backtrack and regain some of my class. ‘Almost’ have become trash for these artists. I don’t know April was hectic but not in a negative way and since I was looking for fresh beginnings… this was the result. Becoming a even bigger trashcan for Kpop than I already am. x TOS

 Forever Young  [ BTS ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.19.51.png

Since the rest would be recent artists, it seems more appropriate to start with my oldest and infamous thirstbucket group. The MV- simple yet symbolic. God knows what it represented because I’ve gone beyond figuring out what the 화양연화 era’s storyline is. I liked how they (I think), portrayed youth in a caged maze. Youth sucks when you don’t realise you actually have a choice in your decisions and feelings. Especially when you instead cage yourself in a maze of standards.

‘Forever Broke’ is what BigHit want me to be with this comeback, I preordered having no effin clue which album ver. to buy. On top of no preparations, lead ups I was just staring at my already broke bank account with ghost tears. I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t jarred to see that the album was repackaged with only three new songs. Don’t get me wrong, I will always support them but as a broke 20 something I was slightly pissed. I mean… merch ain’t cheap. Especially for BTS.

Rant over, onto the lyrics that were the highlight of this song. I heard Namjoon produced some of this? Correct me if I’m wrong. Either way it sounds a very Namjoon-like song. The hidden meanings of feeling valued yet worthless too. Knowing what you want but will it last? Will you ever make it? Or worse, is it always going to be a dream? I feel you Namjoon, I feel you. Namjoon & Yoongi are probably the two members I seem to relate with much easier- they just seem to speak my mind. For someone who struggles to voice themselves, it’s a blessing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.28.05

Although BTS I love, sadly I wasn’t listening to their song as often as the rest on this list. I blame not being able to download it yet because otherwise it would’ve just been on loop. I loved ‘Forever Young’ but let’s say a certain rookie group stole my heart in April… #AndCompletelyRektMe

The 7th Sense [ NCT U ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.37.50.png

Shieeettttttt. That is literally what I said when I eventually watched the MV. Oh and of course the interesting variations of – “Open Your Eyes”. Surprisingly for someone who is always late to everything; for this group I was there on the first day. This song is my kind of song and the lyrics are actually pretty deep. I heard that Taeyong and Mark wrote their own parts to this song which is unbelievable considering this is SM. Not sure about Mark but I can see that Taeyong’s parts must have a slither of self-reflection from his past. I’m not even gonna delve into that but I’m up for second chances. To be honest the message I deciphered from the song was the inner mental battles you face when trying to do what you want. Doing what you want is all fun in perspective but honestly, it’s a long ass (get it?) ride through hell. I was impressed but my favourite part has to be:

“Hatred that will not go away and dreams that torture me

The clock laughs at me, it does not give a single error

I’m a mess, I don’t even know myself, my future is colored darkly

I’m struggling, coloring this night even blacker” (translations from Kpoply)

I’m definitely going to be watching out for this group because they’ve already jumped my list. Oh wait- I’m already watching out for them given my VApp history. The struggle that is ENG Subs for this group. I’m crying…

Bias? Hmm can’t really say just yet since they’re fresh off the boat for now but I’m not gonna lie that Taeyong hadn’t caught my eye first.

You’re The Best [ Mamamoo ]

Now moving onto the ladies whom I don’t seem to have enough of here…

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.42.28.png

Mamamoo I actually got into ages ago when they had ‘Love Lane’ on the OST for “It’s love, not marriage’. That song was my favourite from the drama, and that drama’s OST was on point so that’s saying something. But I fell off following them because the other songs they came out with didn’t catch me as much. It was also during the time I wasn’t listening to Kpop as often. But then I randomly came across them on a ‘Weekly Idol’ and then bam. Fell for these dorky girls all over again. Why I love them is because they remind me of my other dorky Queens- 2NE1. Yes I am still crying as a blackjack. I didn’t even realise Mamamoo had released new music and I just went all out. #TheRestIsNowHistory

[ BAP Overload ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.43.19
Just an awkward group being dorks somewere in London

Sooo… BAP have been a recent discovery despite their long presence in Kpop. Honestly I knew nothing about the lawsuits, drama or any of their music until late last year, which makes me sound like shit. Either this was during the time I jumped off the Kpop bandwagon or when I was an ignorant fan who only knew of those I liked.

I can’t believe I decided to ignore them until recently because currently I am close to trash for them. “Young, Wild & Free” was on blast once I downloaded it and I slyly wish I were one of those reminiscing fans rather than a fresh one. Either way I began getting to know this group more once they began popping up on all my social feeds. I will even be getting turnt at LOE London on VIP. Yeah it’s that deep, though in my defence my mate booked the tickets so I’m just gonna blame her. Sidenote- I thought there would be Babyz brimming around everywhere but it’s been a rare sight for me. #WhereDemBabyzAt

1004 Angel

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.39.13.png

Okay this song was my favourite from all of their previous music. I shuffled all their songs and this one played first- I was wrecked. When it first started I thought it was going to be some mellow, cry-whilst-staring-out-the-window love song but nope, nuh uh, blasted me with that instrumental and strangely it complimented the actual message of the song. Mirroring that crazy state of mind when someone you value exits from your live leaving you just breathless running after his or her attention. I use ‘value’ because it’s not always a significant other. #WhenYouFeelItTooDeep

Where are you? What are you doing?

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.41.52.png

If 1004 Angel was the crazy, can’t-get-over-your-bitch-ass-self-for-leaving-me song… then this is that level you reach after the slow descent from wreckage. Did that even make sense? Basically this is more of a ‘casual missing’ feeling. I mean they’re all smiles in the flipping MV. I love the cuteness of this song eventhough they’re just a bunch of guys that need to get over it by now. Admittedly I watched the BTS of this MV before the song because they filmed it in London, and boi did they make London look much more brighter than it actually is. The video was literally them complaining about the weather which was hilarious. I just couldn’t help laughing at the MV, like for broken love song they were pretty hyped nodding their heads like teletubbies and messing around with each other. (< not what you’re thinking). #StillLovedIt


Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.30.37.png

This song… don’t even know the translations but I feel like a epic, ready to slay loner. Whenever I listened to it, I just rave and get shivers from the way it hypes me up. Epic. Slay. #NuffSaid

Given the people who are having comebacks in May I am not looking forward to the trainwreck I’m gonna be. I mean I have and AKMU comeback to keep up with!!! #Relax


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