[ Shamz Reviews ] – Oh My Venus

I finally gave in and decided to give this drama a go. Honestly I didn’t watch it during airing because the story didn’t really appeal to me, only the cast did. However near the end of 2015 I saw many people going off on one about this drama being really good so I thought, okay let me just do it. Not sure if I regretted that decision or not…  x TOS

[ Basic Storyline ]

Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) used to be “Daegu’s Venus” with her stunning beauty however as she grew up life took a toll on her maintenance of her looks. Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) , secretly a rich heir, is a personal trainer after dealing with ‘physical disability’ at a young age. These two coincidentally meet during Kang Joo Eun’s break up with, Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon)  and Young Ho takes up the role of being Joo Eun’s trainer. Whilst Joo Eun ends up being his life coach.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 13.05.43.png

[ Likes ]

– #TheSunshineLine –

(yeah I got that # from BTS)
This was probably one of the major positives of the drama. I have to give special credit to Henry for playing his happy puppy role perfectly (Ji Woong). I just loved his off-Korean and bright personality. Even when he was supposed to be sad he played it in a way that coincided with his puppy-like personality. Him, together with Sung Hoon (Jang Joon Sung) made the drama watchable ever so often. Especially when they tagged teamed with Joo Eun.#KangJooEunDayShouldBeReal

– #TheRelatableOne –

It’s funny because I know who shined the most for me if I can still remember the name even after a month of finishing it. Oh Soo Jin’s storyline (Yu In Yung) was probably the only segment I was intrigued in. I guess the writer actually wanted her to come off as the bitch friend who took the ex. However her ‘toxic’ character mirrored a similar issue in reality. Her character goes through the ups and downs of realising how becoming ‘good looking’ doesn’t mean the world will automatically fall to your feet. In actual reality she’s ruining her happiness by constantly discipline herself. If anything I would recommend watching ‘Oh My Venus’ just to see her story develop. #TrulyTouching

[ Dislikes ]

– #HappyBeginnings –

This had a similar problem to “She Was Pretty” and many other dramas. It started off well but ended horribly. Albeit “She Was Pretty” probably did a better job than this drama.The beginning was absolutely hilarious and I loved every scene. Of course the comedic outweighed the dramatic scenes but there seemed to be an even balance. However after maybe 4 episodes I just lost interest since the drama was purely good for the comedy. Which brings me onto my next point…

– #WtfWasTheStoryline –

I know what the storyline was. A girl trying to regain her confidence through her appearance again. That part I got, but So Ji Sub’s story was just like – was it even needed? It was a poorly writer scenario which felt random. Not sure if I’m explaining myself right but I just thought his story was useless. It was probably added to actually add some other depth to the story since Joo Eun’s portion is too weak to stand on its own. Moreover the so called “opposing” characters weren’t entirely bringing heat for them either so it just seemed like the writer was grasping at some sort of random tragedy. I don’t know- I get his condition with his leg had to do with self esteem etc. but it was just written and incorporated badly.

[ Would I Recommend it? ]

Hell No. I know there’s a lot of fans of this drama and don’t get me wrong it had its fair share of making me smile. However I just thought it was so badly put together that honestly it had me struggling to finish this off.

[ Moist Rating ]

whale .png
Was pretty dry for this one… Oosh this is gonna be harsh but I had to do it- 3/10. #NuffSaid



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sideajg says:

    I had a hard time watching this drama…but I always give them a chance you know but before the last episode, I cannot take it anymore…had some nice time though but honestly can’t remember them..:)


    1. TheOnlyShamz says:

      Agreed on that one! I was trying so hard to give it a chance but as I mentioned I think by episode 5 I just finished it for the sake of finishing it 🙂


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