Episode 6 – “Let’s Flip Over Our Phones Cuz We’re Having A Good Time” [Zico – Boys & Girls]

Haven’t got much too say about March’s playlist because it was such a random month for me. As you will probably tell from the mix of songs I was a flipping mess and I stuck to no one mood. Anywayyyyy….

Boys & Girls [ Zico ft. Babylon ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.51.10.png

Thought it was appropriate to start this list with this tune since Spring is getting us all prepared for Summer vibes. “Summer vibes” is legit the word to sum up this song. Don’t get me wrong the song lyrics are a little, ermm… not sexist per say, but you know basically ‘beautiful girls get turnt at my yard’. Nevertheless that’s mainly just the chorus speaking. When I  finally looked up the lyrics, instead of prancing around the house, I was feeling the song even more. It’s just telling everyone to get turnt because life ain’t that deep. This is why this would be a banging Summer tune- what better way to enjoy the sun? Also can we all appreciate this line-

“If all you want is to update your Insta, then get your coat and get out”

The amount of times this jars me at parties is countless. Some people don’t realise they’re breathing through their phones rather than enjoying the moment in front of them. #ZicoNeedsToStopEnteringMaMessedUpLife

 Wi ing Wi ing [ Hyukoh ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.49.10.png

This was a recommendation from a Korean exchange friend. So thanks mate even though you have no idea who I am lol. I have to admit I’m one of those ignorant listeners who usually only listens to mainstream Korean music- yes I’m basic- but I am trying to expand my horizons slowly. Maybe 2016 will be my year of enlightenement? Back to the point, this dude has a unique voice and I love it. I’ve yet to check the translations (too many issues in my life so allow me) but it’s a very soothing tune. Something I put on loop out when I need to be calm or just chill whilst rolling around on my bed. The MV on the other hand was a little strange but meh it seems to work in my head somehow.

Watch Out / Take A Shot [ Hotshot ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.30.06.png


Welcome to my new underrated boy group that I am currently stalking. Well not stalking but you know just doing my research. I know this rookie group debuted like two years ago but I’m always late to most groups soooo this is nothing new in my books. Unexpectedly came across them whilst I was playing a Kpop drinking game. (Which you should go check out and yes I am shamelessly promoting myself)

Have to admit I wasn’t all for “Take A Shot” at first but then it grew on me. So naturally I checked out “Watch Out” and now I am officially hooked. They’re pretty underrated to be honest and I wish they’d have much more exposure. As I did in true fangirl fashion I went on a stalking marathon trying to find who these guys were to get to know them and I came up with nada. I hope they get way more attention their way and release something soon because I am dying to hear more from them. Anyway- yeah I got a new group under my belt to deal with and let’s just say my social life is f*cked once again. Not like I had one anyway.

Girl x Friend [ Exo ]

As I mentioned I’m always late to the Kpop world. So this playlist tune is another result of that. Their album somehow made it to my Spotify playlist and imagine my surprise when this song came out of nowhere whilst I was in the middle of assassinating some corrupt politician on Assasins Creed. Yeah, thanks to Exo’s honey vocals I failed on that endeavor. The song speaks about falling in love with your bf. The lyrics are cute yet kind of artificial at the same time- I don’t know why but I felt like it was a dreamlike story they were telling. I think it was more just the arrangement that drew me into this song. I mean let’s be honest, no one is just best friends these days. Someone develops feelings at one point and things get either messy or explosive. #DontDenyIt

Breathe [ Lee Hi ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.39.15

Yes this girl finally brought something for me!!! I have been waiting for too long to hear her amazing voice. I’m not crazy I swear; but once I saw her notification pop up you bet I jumped on that ASAP. Honestly when I heard both ‘Breathe’ and ‘Hold My Hand’ together I preferred the latter. It was just much more upbeat and twinkly stars with yoshis’ running around my head. [I think only fangirls will understand that feeling].

Moving on, ‘Breathe’ didn’t appeal to me at first, I enjoyed listening to it and I could tell it wasn’t just a slow love song. I guess without translations I was a little lost. Eventually I looked them up and I have to admit a little part of me broke. Admittedly the lyrics are pretty simple but I was going through some stuff that made me relate to this song. The lyrics generally imply that even though your words can’t comfort another’s state of mind you still stay by their side and remind they’re doing perfectly fine. It’s okay to be so deflated in life. Jonghyun I applaud you for the simple yet intense lyrics and I am so glad she went to Tablo and got something out.

Eyes, Nose, Lips Cover [Akdong Musician / AKMU ]

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.04.05.png

Once hearing Lee Hi, I began missing my sibling duo from YG. YG has some underrated artists you know… both these two bring out the more softer side to YG’s otherwise ‘hardcore’ image. Naturally I was banging this out because it’s, hands down, my favourite cover of the original. Just their combo together makes the somewhat sad song that little more energetic and not to mention Chan Hyuk killed it. I’ve been waiting for more from these two and heard they would be having a comeback soon. Then again this is YG we’re talking about so I expect delays, and random outbursts.

Random note to finish off this post. I saw an article about Chan Hyuk enlisting right after their supposed comeback in April. [Article]  Also Soohyun may release a solo album during his time there. I mean I think it’s a wise choice for him since he’s still young so may as well get out of the way and then he can come back with renewed energies. As stated in the article he hopes it would refresh his ideas. Don’t know what ideas your looking for in the army Chan Hyuk… I just love that apparently Papa YG was wary of him applying for the marines/airforce since he’s short. LOL It’s alright Chan Hyuk I’m sure they have cushions if you need that extra lift or insoles right? Glad to hear Soohyun will have a solo album; not gonna deny that I’m wary it may lead to Chan Hyuk being sidelined. But I know he’s learning on his producing and lyrical skills so maybe he won’t completely be gone? What you guys think?


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.24.45.png
Enjoy this random derp of Hotshot getting turnt…



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