Please Leave Me

I don’t deserve to be here,

Next to you I should not belong,

You don’t deserve this selfish burden,

But I’m too scared.

Please don’t let go of my lonely soul,

Alone in this empty field,

Within death’s reach,

My twiggy branches are yearning for your leaves,

All of you, red; orange; green

Please don’t leave me…

Ping! I see your simple message,

2 seconds and I’ve double ticked it blue,

Your simple words clutch my crumbling mind,

Kneading my sanity,

I believe again.

But I become selfish,

Overloading you with me,

1 day; 1 week; 00:00

When will your company return?

When will you stem from me again?

Please don’t leave me…

A useless Christmas tree,

I shudder without your warm presence on my branches,

But it’s my fault,

I selfishly longed for your fiery touches,

Hanging onto me.

I become stupid, still reaching for you,

Urging you to grow even though that 3 day Christmas wish has expired,

My withering, useless state should be shredded,

Please don’t leave me…

I’m suffocating from my uselessness,

Padlocked in loneliness,

To keep away from scaring you,

Offering only my shrivelled, shaky foundations.

But you don’t deserve my weak arms,

I don’t deserve that beautiful embrace,

Take your hope away,

Away from my skeletal fingers,

Please leave me.

A cowardly piece of useless bark,

It’s roots stretching for any of you,

I should strangle myself,

Hell is getting impatient

But I’m too scared,

Please don’t leave me…


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