Episode 5 – “The Exclamation Mark In My Pants, It’s Getting Impatient” [Zico- Eureka]

I apologise in every post so let me just save the words and tell you – “LIFE”. Anyway I am back with another playlist post. Yaaaay for procrastination! To be honest the month of February was mellow for me in regards to K Tunes. I was probably listening to more Western music because nothing really caught my attention but of course I did have a few that kept me going. Let’s go! #ISpeakInHashtags

Mansae [ Seventeen ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.47.41.png

I promised myself I wouldn’t even bother. I honestly tried… but alas I failed. I didn’t actually think of ever listening to Seventeen. Mainly because I got a high school musical vibe from them and I wasn’t sure I would like the music. My feed was filled with them and I thought okay let me just listen once with a friend. WHAT THE F WAS I THINKING? You know when you just randomly tun up in your room as if you’re in a concert? Got me looking like a crazy chick with my hands up just yelling- “Mansae Mansae Mansae”… why aren’t you joining me? #InTooDeep

We Know [ Yang Da Il ft. Junkey ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.55.06.png

When I heard Yang Da Il last year I fell in love with his voice. So when I heard this you bet I downloaded it ASAP. Once you actually know the translation it hits you even harder. Admittedly it’s a love song based on a deteriorating relationship, but because of the love that was once there, neither side has the courage to break it off. Did my explanation hit your feels there? Anyway, although your girl is still single since the stone age, I relate to it on a familial level. A song I highly recommend to anyone and let’s not forget- JunKey on the piano? #ChilledVibes

Backindadayz [ Bumkey ft. Dok2, Microdot, Sanchez]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.04.41.png

Such a random song to make it onto this list but it’s got that style and epic mashup that I like. Very my sort of music even though I have no idea exactly what’s been saying. Just a song I can nod my head to when I’m chilling. It’s a nice to change to hear from the other recent KHipHop I’ve been listening to. #BumkeySlayedMe

Better Man [ Bumkey ft. Tablo ]

I just realised a lot of the songs on my playlist were released ages ago and I’m only just listening to them. Anyway this song I don’t actually know why I like it. Maybe it’s because it sounds very slow-jam-like and errrr Bumkey’s voice? #HeavenInMyEars

Don’t Forget [ Crush ft. Taeyeon ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.13.09.png

Have you read the lyrics? Have you seen that crisp MV? Hello, Taeyeon collab? #NuffSaid Although I got to admit out of this list it was probably the least played. I think it’s because it was continuously mellow but then again it suited the lyrics and video.

Feel So Good [ BAP ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.24.55.png

I just feel good when I listen to this and I’m pretty sure that was the aim of the song too. I’ve yet to actually listen to the whole album but the fact that it’s called “Carnival” has already got me hyped. Absolutely loved the MV; you bet I was fangirling to the Kpop heavens and the whole thing just had me laughing. Derp Game- Strong. Plus seeing Yongguk gush over his producing makes me want to buy the album but ehem #KpopMadeMeBroke #WhatWasJongupsHair

Eureka [ Zico ft. Zion T ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.19.07.png

Don’t actually listen to Zico and Block B that often. I have heard “Tough Cookie” but wasn’t really into it. But when I realised he dropped a new album and there was a Zion T collab involved, you bet I had to at least check this one song. They went on some next horny train to the land of sexy goddesses. Well at least the lyrics tell me that- “The exclamation mark in my pants, it’s getting impatient”. #ISeeYouZISeeYou #ZicoSuddenlyGotHotToMe

Drip Drop [ Taemin ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.16.16.png

I didn’t even bother to look up the lyrics because – “drip drop on me”? No matter what the translation says, there’s still some horny connotations flying around there. That MV too… damn. I preferred this to “Press Your Number” surprisingly. Maybe I just need to give it some time. #ChoreoOnPoint for all of them though! I don’t really listen to SHINee that much but Taemin’s existence in these MVs just knocked me out. And hello to the diversity in the MVs!

Whalien 52 [ BTS ]

Do I ever make a playlist without BTS? They’re just too damn relatable to my life and maybe I’m a tad bit biased as well. (#Lies) Of course the song itself is nice to listen to but it was the lyrics that really grabbed me in this one. Loneliness is CLEARLY the message of the song and how it can be suffocating when no one hears you. I relate on a personal level with this song that’s why it hits hard. #IIsAWhale #ACuteOneToo

Soon sorry for no post for a while. I’ve had a lot of personal issues floating by and serious medical problems. It’s too early for me to mention anything on here yet but I’m trying to stay strong even though I’m absolute mess. But it wouldn’t be worth it if it was easy right? (I swear half the times I don’t even know if I make sense)



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