Remember Ep 20 [FINAL] ShamzCapz-“It Not Your Enemies That Make You Lonely, It’s Your Friends” [Soo Beom]

This drama has finally come to an end. The ending episode was actually pretty good. I’ve got to start with Gyu Man. I mean how can I not? All the tantrums, complaints and crazy outbursts have now disappeared as he got sentenced to death. Don’t get it twisted though, the dude did go out with a blast. Jumping on the tables and slapping Moo Suk silly, okay that scene was funny just because of Moo Suk’s face. What was also hilarious was when Gwak decides to cite religion at Gyu Man to purify him of his sins.

I actually felt bad for Gyu Man. I don’t even know why, I just was a little upset on his behalf when he got locked away. It was made worse by his father who decided to do what he’s been doing to everyone else, drop someone when they’re not needed. Yup, despite the pleading from Gyu Man he heartlessly disowns him as his son. That moment was literally the first time we see Gyu Man cry throughout the whole series and I honestly just wanted to give him a hug. Especially when Gyu Man decided to hang himself after hearing Chairman Nam’s harsh words.

All I can say is Yeo Kyung was right and I’m glad she told her father straight. He has no one but himself to blame for the way Gyu Man turned out.

Thankfully he got a taste of his own medicine, from a traitorous Moo Suk. Unsurprisingly Moo Suk betrays Chairman Nam by handing over information to Young Jin and Dong Ho to put him behind bars. What I found funny was how sure he was of himself that such an act would be the end of it for him. He bare just went to another company reinstating himself as another’s b*tch. I was like dude, come on. You didn’t think they were just going to freely take your information and leave you alone did you?

The ending was also disheartening in terms of Jin Woo’s condition, which has come to the point that he remembers no one. He leaves messages for everyone but abandons them too as soon as the whole Nam commotion has been settled. I found it a little weird that it turned out like that. Just because I thought he would have stuck it out with them whilst they accompanied him. I get why he left them because he wanted them to freely live with the memories they had of him and not be a burden. But still! I was slyly hoping he would have stayed. Either way everyone is doing pretty well, even Dong Ho’s taking sweet potatoes as payments since he’s taken over Jin Woo’s firm and legacy.

Small final comment: I’m not going to drag this out since I will have my review up for the whole series. However as a small statement, I loved the show from beginning to end despite the pockets of boringness in between.


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