Remember Ep 19 ShamzCapz- “You Two, Get A Room” [Dong Ho]

Well shiet! Jin Woo finally got what he’s been fighting for. His father has finally been proven innocent. Not gonna lie it did feel a little anti-climatic since everything felt a little like a mess to me. Either way I was happy to see Jin Woo finally got what he wanted. I was initially worried though because Moo Suk tried getting Gwak to lie which thankfully he decided against. Also Soo Beom was refusing to be witness for the actual murder weapon.

The events leading up to it were just hilarious. Chairman Nam was accepting the inevitable decision of prison time for Gyu Man. His son however still refused to accept this fact. To be honest it was a bit of a useless move to announce his removal from the company since Gyu Man didn’t help the situation. He is literally like a little kid throwing tantrums at everyone and anyone.

It was a given that the Jin Woo team had to get Soo Beom on their side to be able to concrete their win. That meant finding him first, which was gladly done by Dong Ho. 2 things I loved about this particular moment. First Dong Ho ironically telling Jin Woo that sometimes the illegal way is just simpler- he was referring to tracking down Soo Beom. Secondly Dong Ho’s cringe moment when Manager Pyeon and Soo Beom have a little bromance scene after saving him. I just love them!

Gyu Man has some good resilience you know. The way he did everything in order to not set foot in prison. Especially when Moo Suk suggested he fake his death an run off to China. I was surprised how easily he agreed. Personally, there was something iffy about Moo Suk. The way he didn’t hesitate to speak facts in front of the Nams was interesting, as if he has some plan to f*ck them over. I mean he even made it part of the deal that he be given Gyu Man’s property in the US.

Anyway back to Gyu Man. Like he tried everything and still failed. “How is my gang losing?” “You need to take me”.

I’m just wondering what the next episode is going to consist of. Maybe a wrap up of where everybody’s at now? Actually now that I think about it, we still haven’t gotten anywhere with the Seogwang case and Chairman Nam…


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