Remember Ep 18 ShamzCapz- “You Can’t Pay Me Back” [Jin Woo]

This is the episode we finally see ‘real’ cracks in the ‘Nam cave’. First of all let me point out that after Jin Woo’s slip up, everyone now knows about his condition. But Jin Woo’s comeback at Gyu Man was #OnPoint. He basically stated the obvious- Gyu Man is a loner because no one wants to be on his side. The reason being- the guy has ‘issues’.

Especially given all Gyu Man’s comrades have now officially vanished. Yes, Soo Beom cracked! I was so happy for him when he stood up to Gyu Man. However it did come with it’s consequences… meaning being locked up in a truck until he breaks. Like Jin Woo said, this is exactly why Gyu Man has no one loyal to him, or friends.

In regards to Dong Ho’s trial, thankfully Jin Woo wins by catching the real culprit and therefore withdrawing the allegations. On another note, I was glad to see Jin Woo and Dong Ho slowly become closer to each other. It’s as if Jin Woo is the one teaching Dong Ho the discipline that is needed for revenge. Since Dong Ho is now on a rampage due to Joo Il’s death. Jin Woo breaks down our disloyal detective, leading to the revelation of the Seogwang’s Group Explosion witness. One more point to the DongWoo gang! Yes that is their team name from now on.

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it did. Jin Woo and In Ah finally had their ‘kiss’. I think I’ve said this a lot in my posts but I really don’t sense any sort of chemistry between them. Both as characters and actors. I remember sitting there whispering- “don’t do it”. It truly doesn’t feel like any sort of ‘relationship’ in the romantic sense so I was just like- meh.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 18.58.56.png

My favourite and probably the most significant part of the episode was the ending scenes. Once Chairman Nam notices the failed prosecution of Dong Ho he calls Young Jin to bring in a new prosecutor to help Moo Suk and Gyu Man. Who else to shock the living hell out of them but- In Ah. So it was all planned from the beginning and now I want to know just exactly what is going to go down.

Dong Ho also leaks the infamous confession video from Gyu Man to the public. Yeah, sh*t just got real. I got to admit I was loving that moment when Jin Woo walks in on Gyu Man’s little meltdown. It was very satisfying indeed.


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