Remember Ep 17 ShamzCapz- “Jin Woo Will Kill You” [Dong Ho]

You know what, for this episode I’m going to do things a little differently- I’m just going to mention the main part of the episode. Because most of it was just the usual Gyu Man laughing at everyone without realising how truly f*cked he is. Even I was surprised that Gyu Man had no idea that Dong Ho’s accusation was fake.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty happy to see that the rape case went smoothly. I was half expecting the second witness to backtrack into Gyu Man’s trap, however she pulled through. I’m just surprised that Gyu Man still hasn’t been actually accused or anything yet. Instead it’s still a suspicion, which is a little strange.

Moving onto the part of the episode I wanted to actually talk about. Trust Jin Woo’s memory loss to come at the most inconvenient time! He finally sucks it up to defend Dong Ho, despite his hatred, yet his Alzheimer’s barges its way through during trial. I was literally sitting on my bed looking like I wanted to throw my laptop into the ocean. By the end of it I was facepalming my table.

Jin Woo’s memory gets muddled up with the scene where Suk Kyu gives him the real murder weapon. His mind blurs the trial into him thinking Dong Ho is his father. I couldn’t watch!

Especially once I saw the previews for the next episode! Gyu Man now finally knows about Jin Woo’s condition giving him even more reason to laugh with a scrunched up squirrel face. Then I swear I saw Young Jin introduces In Ah to Chairman Nam and Moo Suk? Was it just me who saw it? What the hell? At least now I know my suspicions may have been right about Young Jin looking a little suspicious ever since he entered the Nam cave.

Sidenote: Yeo Kyung proved me wrong… surprisingly. Once finding conlcusively from Suk Kyu that her brother is a murderer she confronts her dad. I wasn’t surprised when he slapped her for refusing to go along with their charade. Like I said, I wonder what happened to their mother. But good for you Yeo Kyung for trying to stick to your values!


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