Misaeng First Impressions- “그래? 안 그래? 장 그 래?” [Sang Sik]

I think I’m in love with a Kdrama after such a long time. Seriously… I know this drama is 2yrs old but I’m wondering why the F I didn’t watch it ages ago. Thanks to my friend for recommending this. Only 2 episodes deep at the moment but straight away I have stars shining in my eyes. An office drama following our male lead through his struggles/pressures in such a setting. Whilst he overcomes various personalities and the b*tch called reality.

I sounded OTT didn’t I? Whatever, this drama deserves it. I think apart from Lee Sung Min, I haven’t seen any of the other actors/actresses. So far, I’m loving it. All of them portray their characters remarkably and goddamn our lead looks like he could be 16. I have NEVER listened to ZE:A before so he just came as a complete shocker to me. His character involves dealing with loneliness as he has been absent from any sort of accomplishments in life. The way they portray him being neglected by the office and bullied for ‘cheating’ his way into the office just made him look like an innocent boy you just want to hug.

That’s another thing I love- the story. Well at least from what I’ve got so far. It depicts office life realistically with all the hierarchical nonsense and constant pressures to survive. Admittedly in real life, if I try walking in with no experience and secondary level education I’m pretty sure I will be told to get the f*ck out of there. So part of me is pretty curious as to what exactly Geu Rae’s link with the Executive Director is. I can’t wait to see how he survives the office despite his lack of abilities which is evidently his downfall.

Let me move onto my favourite combo. Sang Sik (Lee Sung Min) and Don Sik (Kim Dae Myung). Their acting is on par with their roles and I could already tell they’re going to make me become attached. Just the way they have much more than just a office relationship added with their comical to and fro in situations has got me set on finishing this series ASAP. Also I am coming to love their sly protectiveness over Geu Rae despite not having high aspirations for him. They’re like the overprotective brothers. Especially Sang Sik whom despite looking cutthroat actually has a soft spot for vulnerable people.

I do sense some sort of romance with the female lead Young Yi (Kang So Ra), although the concept isn’t exactly set in stone as of yet. Can’t really comment on Young Yi apart from the fact that the girl has her sh*t together in life. She’s on top of everything in her work and that’s why I think Baek Ki (Kang Ha Neul) has got eyes for her. That guy is a little suspicious you know. Feel like he’s doing things on purpose just to get to the top, and probably on top of Young Yi too. (I’m sorry I had to do it) #HashtagsAfter12

All in all I’m loving this office drama and seriously can’t wait to watch the rest. It’s just something different from all the usual romances that come through my watch lists and I appreciate it. I’m gonna be honest, the romantic category is becoming a little boring to play in these days. I just finished watching ‘Oh My Venus’ since so many people were raving about it but it was absolute sh*t. This is exactly why I’m considering watching ‘Signal’.

Funny Moment & Quote

When Sang Sik finds out that Geu Rae didn’t drop the confidential draft. Just the way he feels bad and gets so protective over his group. Once he’s drunk he literally turns into a kid. My favourite quote was when Sang Sik does a play on words with Geu Rae’s name. I don’t know why I found it hilarious but I kept repeating for a while afterwards. “그래? 안 그래? 장 그 래?”


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