Remember Ep 16 ShamzCapz-“Yes, You’re A Tramp” [Gyu Man]

Well this episode was much happier than the last one. So I’m gonna keep this short and sweet to the main events.

Of course Gyu Man was gonna come out of jail unscathed so early. Even whilst inside, he got his minions to get Ha Young (the rape victim) to not show up to the trial. Ergh just her case in general disgusts me. To exploit her when she had dreams was just horrible. I wanted to slap that entertainment manager. But Gyu Man’s lack of affection to anyone failed him epically once again. Sending Joo Il to kill the manager meant leverage for Jin Woo to obtain the videos the company has been taping of aspiring actresses. Added with Ha Young being persuaded to be a witness and Chul Joo showing his value to Jin Woo. You bet Moo Suk and Gyu Man were looking like they were bricking it. I’m just glad for once nothing went wrong during trial. #MiraclesInRemember

Speaking of Moo Suk, he definitely is suspicious of Young Jin. I am too but not to his extent since every time Young Jin bows to Chairman Nam his face looks half jealous, half curious. I do wonder though if Young Jin is in deep or not because his whole character build up was against it so things seem fishy.

I said this in my last post and I will say it again. I am so glad Soo Beom gave the evidence to Suk Kyu. Furthermore I am glad he wasn’t stupid to be revealing the murder weapon so quick. Well he is judge, but it helped that he noticed the corruption happening right in front of him in the judicial meeting on Gyu Man. It was blatant when his comments were easily overlooked that bringing up the weapon to any of them would be detrimental.

This was a sad episode for Dong Ho. First we have him finding about Jin Woo’s condition causing him to feel even guiltier of his acts.

Then Joo Il gets fatally stabbed. I was so angry because despite being told to kill Dong Ho, he actually can’t bring himself to do it and lets him go. They even by the end look as if their relationship didn’t fall into the Nam trap, but of course there were men to track Joo Il himself. Since Dong Ho was the last person known to be next to him, he gets arrested. Boi did he look like he was going to murder that detective when he got cuffed.


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  1. IKurate says:

    We have nominated you for a “Creative Bloggers Award”. Please feel free to ignore it, we just wanted to let you know that we enjoy your blog.


    1. TheOnlyShamz says:

      Holy shiet didn’t expect to wake up to this :0 Thank you guys! #FeelinBlessed


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