Remember Ep 15 ShamzCapz- “Did You Get Anything From That Whiny Punk?” [Gwak]

I thought last week was intense. This week just threw that out of the window. Like I said before this drama just keeps frustrating me every episode. The drama’s motto is literally- “trust no one but yourself”.

YOUNG JIN! WHY? Soon as I saw him watch the video file from the drug party I could tell he was going to f*ck something up. I was so looking forward to his tag team with Dong Ho but instead he goes and becomes Chairman Nam’s b*tch. Passing over all their evidence in return for Chairman Nam’s support? Really? Part of me hopes he’s just playing his own little game but it looks less and less likely. I actually trusted this justice seeking guy but clearly, as Dong Ho says, you can never judge someone correctly.

Honestly I wanted to knock so many people out in this drama. Even our detective sideman helping Dong Ho on his father’s case betrayed us by kidnapping the core witness. See how ridiculous everything keeps getting? I don’t even know what to expect from this drama anymore. Don’t get me wrong this is all good and very different from the array of drama’s I’ve been currently watching. I like it- even though it tortures my brain.

Moo Suk is like the flawless son of Chairman Nam. That’s actually what all his underlings resemble- a big nursery of idiots. I think Moo Suk is suspecting Young Jin is up to something, or is just jealous that he now isn’t Chairman Nam’s only dog. He looked hurt every time someone came at his position at the top and it was a little funny to watch actually.

Yeo Kyung I’m disappointed. I thought she would have stepped up instead of covering for her brother. However she instead ignores it all. To be honest she looked like she had no choice I mean it is her family. You can see she was not happy when Jin Woo calls her a fake prosecutor for not turning Gyu Man in. I feel a little bad for her since she’s in a trapped position but we will see what happens with her. At this point I’m not expecting much.

Despite the absolutely ridiculous beginning to the episode the ending was relieving. A few unexpected characters decided to tag team in a good way. Part of me hopes they stay loyal unlike some…

Chul Joo got the bad end of the stick. However he also became our saviour for this episode. Well considering Gyu Man gave him no choice but to just chill in jail till his dad got him out, he was easy to persuade. Especially since now their friendship is pretty much a burnt paper now; that’s how flimsy it was. I swear I was jumping up and down when he tells Jin Woo of a similar case to Jung Ah except this time the victim is still alive. This is like gold mine at this point.

Prosecutor Cha. Remember her? The woman who took down Jin Woo in the retrial? I knew I was right not to judge her from the get go. Sine now Dong Ho doesn’t have a prosecutor to trust and take his case she is the one he turns to. I guess it must have helped that she’s apparently indebted to him in some way. To be honest I wouldn’t have been trusting so easily given everything that has happened but at this point he has no choice.

With both these occurrences our ultimate alliance has finally formed. Jin Woo and Dong Ho accept each other’s help to take down Gyu Man. Jin Woo still doesn’t trust him but considering Dong Ho has left Il Ho and was on the rape case before, he is pretty valuable. Finally using their various connections and information they arrest Gyu Man. Did you read that? Gyu Man finally got cuffed- and not in a sexual way. Ahhh peace for now but I’m pretty sure the next episode will try fu*king me over.

But wait, I have more! SOO BEOM! You did well. From last week he took the blame for Gyu Man but he now concludes he can’t take anymore of Gyu Man’s BS. Well I would too if he called me his dog only staying for the money. B*tch what do you take me for?

Now that he has broken I’m glad he went to Suk Kyu to show him the true murder weapon. I’m glad it was Suk Kyu because unlike Jin Woo’s gang, he’s in less of a position of being knocked down directly. This way the evidence would stay out of harms reach for a little longer than it may have with them. I think this little gem isn’t going to come out till way later on and boiii am I looking forward to it.


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