Cheese In The Trap Ep 10 ShamzCapz- “My Brother, FIGHTING!” [In Ha]

Min Soo’s lies finally caught up with her. What she got was pretty rough. Of course it had to be Jun that breaks Min Soo’s final nerve. The catfight was hilarious because Seol doesn’t look like one to jump someone, but I did kind of feel bad for Min Soo when her lies were exposed directly in front of all her classmates. She looked like she was ruined for ever and at this point she has nothing more to lose so she fully let’s out her envy.

Thankfully Seol isn’t stupid to notice Jung was involved. Can we appreciate how sly this mother*ker is? The way every detail of resolving the Min Soo problem was meticulously planned to the final showdown. Although I understand Jung was doing this to relieve Seol of the stress but he did drag her brother as well as more sh*t into her life.

Am I the only one getting a little annoyed with the too and fro between these two? It is a little jarring when the same problem keeps propping up. Jung always saying he will change but he still resembles his old self. For example, he even asks Eun Taek to tell him anything that happens as well sending the evidence videos they take of Young Gon. I sense some sly plans once again.

The scene where she gets the picture from Young Gon of In Ha and Jung, I’m sorry but if she lets that get to her then she’s a little stupid. Seol just confirmation from three different people absolutely denying anything yet she still believes it? Come on. I’m hoping she’s just hurt over how close they are and not because she thinks they are in a relationship. Both Seol and Jung are pretty hard to figure out to begin with anyway but I really wish they would just get over it and work it out. That being they either compromise on their flaws or accept them.

Jung must just have confrontational issues since he plans his ‘punishments’ via third parties. He never does anything directly but usually he plans out a scene. Makes me wonder what was wrong with his familial life. His talk with his father looks like he may have been misunderstood at home too and is the way he is due to pressures of conforming to an ideal. Even his dad looked confused when he tells him how he hates always failing his standard. From what I get his dad seems pretty alright to me though so I’m a little confused.

However Jung wasn’t the main highlight of the Ep. In Ho and Seol truly have developed in this episode. Like I said before it was nice to see he wasn’t automatically trying to reach for her whilst Jung was absent. Nevertheless his companionship for her seems to have deepened his feelings towards her to more than just friends.

It was so sweet seeing them together even though I know he won’t be with her at the end. In Ho himself is trying hard to deny the feelings but I’m sure he’s going to accept them soon. Especially given that he can’t stand anything happening to her.

It’s sad because the final ending is him searching to see if Seol would look to him for support; but she doesn’t.

In Ha on the other hand is suspicious. I may be wrong from yesterday’s episode because I’m not sure if she is actually doing something with or for Jung. Whatever it is, has to do with taking down the creepy Young Gon. When she sends him her picture showing cleavage and his reaction to it was just – questionable.

Furthermore I think she knows In Ho’s feelings better than him but surprisingly she doesn’t confront Seol. Instead she acts nice and friendly to her which is even stranger. Maybe she just wants her apartment back. I was ‘awwhhing’ a lot when In Ha’s protective side came out for her ‘designer peanut’. In Ha actually cares about something and coincidentally, he’s into art. Do I smell a connection?


Favourite Moment

Not sure exactly why this is my favourite moment. It’s probably a mixture of Young Gon for once being the one with some truth and because someone finally tells Sung Chul the truth. I know it’s pitiful that his family background isn’t as great etc. etc. Nevertheless this guy doesn’t exactly help his situation. Complaining that he doesn’t have a job or good grades ain’t going to get him nowhere since that’s all he does. From the beginning he hasn’t put that much effort anyway so I’m glad someone told him his reality.

Favourite Quote

TRUE TRUE TRUE! Sometimes when someone is complaining at me or is just coming at me for no reason I get angry quickly. However usually they don’t mean it and it’s coming from somewhere else that they are frustrated about. Furthermore I see it on a daily (and too am guilty of) copying others because you seem them so perfectly. Yet you don’t understand why you envy their perfect life and once you try imitating it angers you that you can’t seem to get the same response. In actual fact it’s just easier being yourself not the other because their problems also become yours. After all you can’t just have their perfection and not expect their troubles.


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