Cheese In The Trap Ep 9 ShamzCapz- “The Street’s So Pretty And They’re Gonna Fight?” [In Ho]

Another break from our main couple huh? Well you had to see it coming once we found out In Ha sent those texts to Young Gon. I was happy that Jung admitted the truth. Unfortunately it didn’t stop things from crumbling. I understand where Seol was coming from since he did know Young Gon’s character, thus there must have been a reason he didn’t stop In Ha. Glad she stood her ground and she yet again points out the flaw between them. One can’t understand the other.

I disagree with Jung when he mentions how different they are. Well at least for this episode because she kind of does what Jung has been doing to others. I back her decision to cut Sung Chul from the group presentation, because I would have too. Once you fail me twice I ain’t got time for your nonsense. But she did do it on a sly; just like Jung.

Min Soo. This girl I swear. She aggravates me so much but at the same time I feel bad for her. Like when she lies saying that Jun is her boyfriend. Omygad she even has his picture as her background and I can already tell that’s gonna come bite her later. (Don’t all us Kpop fans do the same though lool) Especially since Jung sees it and Jun actually likes Seol’s friend, Ah Young.

Ahh ballsy Seol I like a lot. That’s right, you confront Min Soo on the stupidness she’s doing. It all comes crashing down for Min Soo when Seol ousts her for taking her presentation (now that’s just raw). Please drama writers show her the light of Buddha because she seriously needs to get real. Nevertheless Min Soo blames Jung for telling her to use the slides, which I was curious about because this all sounds like a situation we’ve heard before. What has Jung done this time?

On another note things pick up when Young Gon tells Min Soo to apologise to Seol so that it backfires. Making Min Soo look like the innocent one, who was only trying to apologise. Ahh but it’s ok since Seol has her double combo backup that is Eun Taek and Bo Ra. They’re so awesome, especially when the trio plan to take down Young Gon but sadly In Ho’s anger disrupts them. They make a pretty good squad though. I seriously need to make a ship name for these two. There are way too many good looking people in this drama…

Speaking of In Ho, I loved the role he played in this episode. Despite seeing both Jung and Seol fight he doesn’t automatically try anything but instead just chills by her side for company. By the way did anyone else think her attire when with In Ho matched his perfectly. For once she looks much more badass.

But the main highlight for In Ho is when In Ha comes to stay since she has officially pissed off Jung after telling Seol that she was his girlfriend. Finally we get some insight into what their past used to look like and I’ve got to admit- it was pretty sweet. But I did get a little bit of jealousy on Jung’s part for seeing how carefree they were. Nevertheless In Ho and Jung were basically what In Ho and Seol are like now. In Ho was like his bodyguard from trouble and encouraging him not to be a push over. Wonder how things turned sour?

Sidenote: I would have gotten PISSSSSEDDDD if In Ha dropped ramen over my work. She would have not slept without a backhand to the forehead. Moving on, In Ha looks like she’s plotting her own plans of taking down people. Now knowing who Young Gon is, I’m pretty sure she’s going to either use him against Jung or eliminate him using her charms. I just found it funny how her “Designer Peanut” rejected her company despite wanting to tap that obviously. Then again, all she ever did was ask the guy about intel on the other guys. Furthermore, seeing how she almost busted Min Soo after mistaking her for Seol, that guy has some guts to cut her.

The episode finishes off with a forgiveness hug by Jung after people notice how off they seem towards each other. But the question is- will she forgive him? I mean Seol clearly kept looking as if she wanted to but at the same time, this wasn’t the first time such a misunderstanding has occured.


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