Remember Ep 14 ShamzCapz- “Being IlHo Group’s Hound Suits You” [Yung Jin]

Wow double combo this week! Ep 14 has been by far my favourite for ‘Remember’. Shit was going down on all sides and just the build up and tension. Ahmygad why is this drama so frustrating! Despite Jin Woo coming up with a plan to drag Gyu Man to trial it goes completely wrong with an unexpected turn of events.

But let me explain :). Of course Manager Yeon had no choice but to tell In Ah about Jin Woo’s condition. But they both mutually agree he doesn’t need to know and conveniently Jin Woo doesn’t remember after his visit to Gyu Man. In Ah’s father is like the voice of reason in this mess with his inspirational quotes. He would be a pretty awesome dad to have to be able to give such neutral advice regardless. He’s such a reaonable person.

Joo Il has gotten the karma that was coming to him. Despite thinking he was protecting Dong Ho, he got f*cked over by the Nam family. When he’s told by Moo Suk that he can only come out early if he kills Dong Ho I was like- you serious? Thankfully Joo Il thought the same as me as he looks at Moo Suk as if he just went crazy. I felt bad for him because all he wanted to do was make sure Dong Ho never got dragged into sh*t but that is what has happened. Plus now, he may never see Dong Ho again depending on what happens to him trying to take down Chairman Nam.

Funny how Dong Ho is going for the father and Jin Woo is going for the son. Jin Woo just looked hella confused when he goes on a rampage to Dong Ho, but he responds with taking down the Nam family for him. All I can say is the old Dong Ho is BACK! I’m loving it. He hands in his resignation to Chairman as well as finally showing Gyu Man that he will be trampled if he tries it on him. I know he only knocked over a lamp but still.

I’m not entirely sure what Dong Ho’s plan is but it must have something to do with ousting Chairman Nam with his newly acquired witness from the accident case. Dong Ho’s partner in crime is now Young Jin after her refuses to be bribed by Chairman Nam’s luxuries like Moo Suk did. YAAAAS! A tag team with these two? Yes please! I can already feel the tragedy that is about to go down.

Speaking of tragedies. Gyu Man’s friends. Wow. Suk Kyu is the sane one clearly as he slowly uncovers the flaws in the final judgment. Instead of being sneaky about it all he is just upfront with Gyu Man. Ah when he said he wouldn’t cover for Gyu Man I just thought- clearly you two ain’t close.

Detective Gwak comes in use with his drug party tip. Of course Jin Woo’s next target is Chul Joo- the next failed friend. I said before I don’t know how this guy handles being friends with Gyu Man. Especially considering Gyu Man DOES NOT rate him in the least. When the cops come to bust their party he calls him a fake heir and leaves him hanging, escaping on his own. Jin Woo will probably use him now to his advantage after being discarded.

Next friend. Soo Beom finally cracks when he pushes Gyu man off him for asking to get rid of someone. Not even in a polite way either, he basically told him because the girl is poor and so is Soo Beom he would know how to deal with her best. Wtf?

I knew that’s why Manager Pyeon was becoming friends with Soo Beom, so he can bring him to Dong Ho. But it seems Gyu Man may have bribed him back by showing some affection and care for his friend. Their relationship is so weird I don’t even know what to class it as. Especially when Soo Beom switches with Gyu Man at the end in the car. So he’s the one who gets arrested. I got to hand it to Gyu Man for surprising me each time but also frustrating me.

But Yeo Kyung is finally shown a true part of Gyu Man when she sees him try to escape from the drug party. She doesn’t stop him though so like I said before, I wonder if she will side with her family?


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