Remember Ep 13 ShamzCapz- “You Angry Little Cry Baby” [Detective Gwak]

This episode was like push and pull against both sides. Starting with the light bulb trial, Jin Woo’s success is not a good thing for Gyu Man or Dong Ho.

Gyu Man because of the added stress of Gwak’s videos. I was surprised by how smart Gwak was to ensure he doesn’t get himself killed. Because what he did was pretty brave. Especially against a lunatic like Gyu Man.

The lost trial meant a tainted company image and a angry Chairman Nam. So you can imagine how much Gyu Man was bricking it. Nevertheless he has that annoying minion called Moo Suk. Don’t know how the dude found out about Dong Ho investigating his father’s accident but he relays to Gyu Man. Enabling Gyu Man to use this little gem against Dong Ho as well as aggravating Jin Woo even more.

Dong Ho, I don’t even know how he’s still surviving at the moment. They all know about his investigation and already confirmed his disloyalty. It’s a mystery how he’s still sheltering in their den unscathed. If I was him I would be on alert watching my every move in case someone comes at me because he’s a target just chilling in his enemy’s territory. I can’t wait to see what he digs up to be honest, I just want to see how coincidental this whole storyline is.

FINALLY I have another question answered. How Jin Woo hired Attorney Song. Not gonna lie, I felt a little emotional during this scene. (I know I always get emotional over the non-intentional scenes) Just the fact that he was being screamed at by his clients because of his stutter was a disheartening. You’re doing what you want to, but are bad at it. That’s a pretty raw conclusion.

Yeo Kyung is beginning to pick up on the suspiciousness of the incident four years ago as she overhears her father with Moo Suk discussing their plans. I wonder if they will make her character find out more or not before it all ends. That would make her have to choose family over justice and I’m intrigued to know which she will pick. Part of me feels like she will help Jin Woo but then again, this is the Nam family.

Ok I was thinking whether to comment on this or not but I feel like I need to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not sure where exactly the writer wants to go with In Ah and Jin Woo. However if it’s supposed be romantic, then the drama has failed me. The chemistry feels non-existent apart from in a sibling sense. I don’t know the little dates he set up made me presume that it will take a romantic route nevertheless the chemistry feels dead.

In Ah finally finds out about Jin Woo’s condition when he misses their date thinking it’s still the day he is waiting for his dad to come from work. Ah man things were only just looking up but I feel like it’s not going to be long once Gyu Man finds out.


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