Cheese In The Trap Ep 8 ShamzCapz- “I Must Have Stared Too Much” [Min Soo]

This was by far one of my favourite episodes. I don’t think anyone will agree with me but, hear me out. My top reason for liking this drama is because of how relatable all the characters are. This episode proved my point.

But before I move on to that, we FINALLY have an actual kiss between our couple. It was so sweet that I am falling more and more in love with the duo. Albeit it probably helped that Jung was drunk for the kiss to spontaneously occur. But the best part of Jung being drunk is his openness. Jung admits his attraction to Seol came from the fact that she never approached him for anything and just minded her own business. Jung seriously seems to only have eyes for her and he probably connects well with her because of how people used to see him as a pushover, just like Seol.

Moving on to my main highlights. We saw a new side to In Ho when he finally begins to revisit the piano. It was just heart warming to see him edge closer, with the help of Seol’s encouragement, to it. In Ho diligently practices when he is faced with the fact that he has done absolutely nothing productive in 5 years. All he has done is gone around surviving rather than anything substantial with his life. It was a little heart breaking to see him react to Seol’s parents fawn over Jung because it must have been a slap from reality for him. I’ve also been in his position so I know the feeling. It’s a bitch.

I knew Young Gon was up to some sort of stupidness. Riling up Eun Taek and Min Soo was just a dick move. He must be that obsessed with revenge because all I can label him as, is crazy. I wanted to punch him when he goes after Eun Taek. Using his feelings for Bo Ra to earn his way back into the group, as well as getting him to bow to him. Relatable because if someone said they have ‘nice’ pictures of my friend I would have boxed the shit out of them too.

Min Soo… you poor girl. I don’t know what to tell her apart from maybe get a reality check? Her blindly copying Seol earns another opportunity for Young Gon. He incepts her into thinking that Seol isn’t the cool person she holds her to be and it is her that is truly the good one. It probably doesn’t help that Bo Ra keeps confronting Min Soo about copying her but I did agree with Bo Ra that not saying anything encourages her. Min Soo lying about the lion tips everything over and leads to arguments which is exactly what Young Gon wanted. Basically anything to keep them all out.

Peak times when she ends up having the feels for Jun… wonder what her reaction will be when she finds out who he is?

The one scene that is probably going to cause trouble for Jung later is when after being confronted by Young Gon, he lies. Ok technically it wasn’t him who sent the texts. However he didn’t exactly stop In Ha from sending them and seemed like he may have preferred that she did. From the preview looks like it may have caught up with him. This drama is such a confusing mess sometimes when it comes to figuring out people’s reasoning behind things.


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  1. KiuKiu says:

    I’m also love this drama. I don’t like Min Soo because of her character, such a stupid girl, she easily believed in Young Gon.


    1. TheOnlyShamz says:

      Same, I love it because it’s so normal yet different. Agreed she’s totally naive and doesn’t seem to see how desperately she’s just looking for acceptance!


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