Madame Antoine First Impressions -“Plus, I’m A Pretty Boy” [Ji Ho]

Ooo this drama. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure if it would be my cup of tea BUT I’m liking it at the moment. You’ve got a observant quack and a know-it-all psychologist. What could possibly not make you laugh- of course when you get past the lack of technicality. Han Ye Seul plays the female protagonist Hye Rim whom has a daughter and fortune tells to keep her in school. Then you have Sung Joon playing Soo Hyun, a bit of an up-himself psychology professor trying to prove that ‘love’ doesn’t exist. The first two episodes have been ok so far, I mean it hasn’t been wow or anything but I have enjoyed the comical elements. Especially Soo Hyun’s deadpanned minion- Ji Ho (Lee Joo Hyung).

The premise of the series is using Hye Rim as an social experiment to finalise his theory on love so it’s pretty obvious where the Kdrama avalanche lies. Not to mention all three of the lead men being subjects to the experiment. (Don’t question the methodological validity- it’s Kdrama). I’m hoping Sung Joon doesn’t fail me this time like he did in “High Society” because I absolutely loved his acting in “Lie To Me”. Because “High Society” was a mess for the main couple. Plus he’s up against Jinwoon here whom is a pretty strong contender in my books. #AllLinedUpLikeABuffet

Of course let’s not forget our panty dropper, hit-that-nose-bleed-meter-hard, Jinwoon playing the sideman lover, Seung Chan. YAAAS! In “Marriage Not Dating” you couldn’t help but fall for his charms and acting. Ok ok there was biceps involved too BUT he was just as amazing. He’s playing a similar character here which works since he can pull off the happy, energetic yet strong man. When I saw his interaction with Soo Hyun’s professor I was thinking to myself whether there may be a love connection. Does anyone else agree? It will be interesting if there is and I can’t wait to see how they develop it because it is new ground.

From what I can tell so far one thing I’m going to like about this drama is probably the real life scenarios of the patients that we are introduced to. For example for this week it was the gymnast whom lost her mojo after feeling threatened by crazy fans. Then again it may not be of such an common occurrence as I think so we will have to see. But it will be great if it is incorporated and hopefully they are realistic.

All in all it’s a straight romcom with a hint (I use loosely) of reality. I don’t have much to comment on the chemistry yet since I want to wait for more episodes but I do love Han Ye Seul’s chemistry with the rest of the gang a lot. It’s like one big quacky family. #GetIt


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  1. sideajg says:

    I have been battling with myself if this is worth my time as I am not convinced with the plot but I so love Han Ye-seul. After reading your verdict here, I think I would go and give it a chance..:)


    1. TheOnlyShamz says:

      Hey sorry for the late reply! Did you like it in the end? I don’t know for me it started out decent but then the plot line just kept going round and round in the same circle


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