Cheese In The Trap Ep 7 ShamzCapz- “Piano Fighting!” [Seol]

I’m not sure what to say about this episode apart from that Seol and Jung are becoming more and more closer. Or shall I say Seol’s becoming more accepting of Jung’s traits and not immediately jumping to conclusions. When she overhears him crushing the thief down she becomes scared of him as she thinks to In Ho’s hand. I was glad she forgave him though because honestly, when the thief was going on about how Seol would turn on him when she finds out his true nature I was like – really? I mean we’ve started to become more aware of who Jung is but I still don’t get where everyone keeps coming up with the whole “Jung is a bad guy”, “you don’t know who he really is”. What he did in the situation didn’t seem so OTT to me.

Moving on we get a little more background on the rich trio’s past. Well In Ho wasn’t all nice and appreciative back in the days apparently since he puts In Ha’s dreams down. It’s nice to know In Ha had dreams, even though she painted Jung she was pretty good at it. In Ho seems to finally realise what it feels like to lose your dream and want to feel it again. Dude what you did to your sister was a little harsh. I’m not a big fan of dream-crushers.

It was a little disheartening to see how he wanted to edge closer to the piano but kept withdrawing or getting distracted. I guess it helped that Seol knows about his passion and decides to lend a hand. But still, when you add Seol you get a free serving of Jung. Especially when it comes to the overprotective, looking a little jealous, Jung. Thus making In Ho probably feel like he’s being pitied and looked down upon.

That crazy stalker kid is up to something I swear… and I don’t know what he’s going to reveal but it doesn’t look good.

Favourite Moment

I wouldn’t say it was a moment rather than the beginning scene’s of the episode. I quite like the atmosphere created between all 6 characters. Despite the hidden tensions it was nice to see them enjoy themselves and genuinely look like university students depending on each other. Especially the sly jealous look that came from Jung when Seol’s brother hires In Ho to be a part timer at their family restauraunt.

Funny Moment

When Min Soo becomes Seol’s replica… what? Is she idolising her or something?


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