Remember Ep 12 ShamzCapz- “I Think You Know Me Better Than I Do” [Gyu Man]

This was the episode where Jin Woo’s plans are finally coming to fruition, slowly. I love how I only just realised his plan against Gyu Man was to take everyone around him down, thus earning him no favours to escape with. Lol my bad.

Anyway the slap from Gyu Man. Woow, yes I am still in shock. Dong Ho has plans and it was so evident throughout this episode. The deal with Chairnman Nam being involved with his father’s accident is revealed. From what I got, Il Ho had competition, the competition’s President died right before a massive project. Thus allowing Il Ho to become the leader of the market- minus competition. It seems his father may have been given orders to do something but he didn’t. At least this was my interpretation of the story. Nevertheless, Dong Ho has clearly started plotting something since despite being slapped and suspected. He still goes around with a goofy smile on his face taking minimal actions on the side. I was glad to see that Joo Il had no idea about Chairman Nam being involved in the accident.

However it’s sad to say that Joo Il and Dong Ho’s relationship is no longer what it was. Joo Il’s loyalty is firmly with Gyu Man whilst Dong Ho’s is now with Jin Woo. Speaking of Jin Woo he was pretty quiet in this episode. Didn’t really get much from him apart from two major events. Firstly Detective Gwak comes knocking on his door to provide him with extra evidence that could help with his father’s case. I wouldn’t have trusted him so easily after what he did but now that both Moo Suk and Gyu Man abandoned him he has nowhere else to go.

Secondly Jin Woo’s condition. It’s clear he has something that involves losing his memory and from his consultation he doesn’t have long till it deteriorates. Apparently he has a year so it’s pretty much now or never with him.

In Ah and Suk Kyu were probably the most active in this episode. Suk Kyu FINALLY has come to conclusion that Jin Woo was right about the ruling’s credibility. In the process of him looking into everything Jin Woo reveals the real murderer, his ‘friend’. Suk Kyu’s face looked like he was half surprised and half not.

BUT the major turning point was when Soo Beom begins to crack. YAS! In Ah after finding Jung Ah’s diary, discover’s Soo Beoms’s business card as well as the diary entry Jung Ah’s father discovered. YAS! Again. We’re on a roll aren’t we? That along with Gyu Man treating him like a bitch in front of the only friend that somehow manages to handle Gyu Man. He get’s drunk with Suk Kyu and starts claiming he himself can ruin Gyu Man. At least he knows it I guess. Although when Soo Beom didn’t tell Gyu Man about In Ah’s evidence I was a little worried that it’s gonna come and bite him. I mean this is Gyu Man we’re talking about.

In Ah as well as catching Soo Beom, catches Moo Suk. She tells Prosecutor Yung Jin about Moo Suk’s forgery and that itself suspends him from any power as he has to go under internal investigation. YAAAAAAS! I was a very happy Shamz as you can tell. This was probably my favourite part of the episode just because of Moo Suk’s face. The way he is always so calm and motionless, but this little downfall just shows so much on his face.

Despite all this shit going on around Gyu Man. Let’s just say the ending gave him the last laugh. Stupid In Ah, (let me not), doesn’t close the den door and surprise, surprise, Gyu Man walks in. It was like In Ah had just seen the lion that was about to gobble her up. THIS IS WHY YOU CLOSE THE DOOR AFTER YOURSELF.

Funny Moment

MANAGER PYEON IS 27????? Then again he does remind me of a massive care bear…



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