Remember Ep 11 ShamzCapz- “A Judge Shouldn’t Be So Judgemental” [Gyu Man]

Now that Jae Hyuk is dead, what has become of our Remember team? Jin Woo has taken a rule of Gyu Man’s book of crazy. Catching Detective Gwak, Prison Doctor and our Fake Doctor from last week was merciless. I just wanted to applaud him for learning from his mistakes. That is, not to promise one thing for another, just drop them. Exactly like Gyu Man.

Gyu Man hasn’t changed much unfortunately. One thing that has crept up clearly is his hoes. “These hoes ain’t loyal” was legit his theme song for this episode. Detective Gwak’s video blackmail was hilarious for me, since part of me agreed with his observation, but probably not so funny for Gwak himself. The biggest disloyal hoe he has his eyes on is of course Dong Ho, but that was obvious from time ago.

Dong Ho however looks like goofy. His interactions with everyone are way too happy, carefree and sort of reminds me of his past self, minus the bad ass demeanour. It’s weird. I’m not exactly sure what’s going through his head but I feel like he has no idea either half the time. One thing seems for sure though, he’s pushing Jin Woo to defeat Gyu Man.


After all the main case involved in this episode is begun by Dong Ho. Giving the Jin Woo’s business card to the boy, Min Soo, repeats history. All of it is just reminiscent of Jin Woo’s initial fight for his father and that probably is the reason for him taking up the case.

Forget the rest of the episode, the ending! My face when Gyu Man slapped Dong Ho’s face. #OhNoYouDidnt I did not see that coming and I swear I had my mouth open for a good 3 minutes. Last week I was mentioning how it was weird that Gyu Man hasn’t actually touched Dong Ho despite everything and well, here we are. It was probably brought on by Jin Woo clearly rubbing it in Gyu Man’s face in court. Well Jin Woo and In Ah pretty much used Gyu Man’s words against him. Stillll… even the others were looking at Gyu Man like wtf.

Sadly I’m worried again. Although Jin Woo has started his fire again, the moment I saw him forget things again got me thinking if that will be his third downfall. HOWEVER that is why we have our side characters. Seo Beom and Suk Kyu seem to begin leaning the other way.

Suk Kyu I’m not sure if he realises if something is off given what happened to him but from his actions, he is looking in Jin Woo’s direction. Furthermore I see Seo Beom’s disapproving looks much more and I can’t wait to see him break. But will he?

Then we have In Ah and Dong Ho whom are doing everything to push Jin Woo to victory. YES, YES, YES! I was so happy to see In Ah find the dissimilarity between Jung Ah’s father’’s note and his actual writing. I knew it would make a reappearance. Then the detective mentions Chariman Nam in connection to Dong Ho’s father’s death. The episode doesn’t reveal what was explicitly said apart from the Chariman trying to cover the case up. Can you imagine how much of a coincidence this all will be if he turns out to be a major player in that crash? Let me not forget our side prosecutor Young Jin. He will definitely be an aid in the rest of the drama considering he is their last connection to the prosecutor’s office. Piecing all this makes me come to the conclusion that despite losing memory, all our side character may team up to build a strong force against Gyu Man and help Jin Woo regardless.



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