Cheese In The Trap Ep 6 ShamzCapz- “Say It Again… Natural Curls” [Seol]

When Jung hits his head on the table before sleeping; don’t tell me that was scripted. Seola’s giggles and his reaction looked WAY TOO REAL for it to be done on purpose. I heard that connection looool.

I’m going to keep this kind of short and sweet due to personal reasons so I’m sorry if I don’t cover anything in this review. But then again… I’m not here to recap everything. J

This episode was just a mixture of jokes and lots of fluffiness. It was nice to see that Jung finally made up with Seol because like I said in my last review, I think he’s innocent in his feelings but he just comes off as a little strange. The way he got so excited when she bought him a watch. Jung is such a little kid at heart sometimes.

Then ending sort of answered my question as to why Jung likes Seol. I say ‘kind of’ because I still don’t entirely get it plus I’m a little slow so it will probably only clock on for me later lool. The talk they had at the end between each other on their life flaws. The scene was portrayed as if they were counselling each other when confiding about themselves. I have to say they are quite similar in that they rather go at it all alone without help. Jung because of his family expectations he needs to live up to and Seol due to her survival in life in general. They both assume that the way they live is the only way to succeed. I have to admit I relate with Jung quite a bit and dude trust me, being polite and not getting angry definitely is suffocating. Finally Jung you are becoming easier to understand. I just think because he’s so simple in his thoughts, he comes off as evil.

But that scene in the bedroom when she covers her mouth instead of letting him kiss. Seol’s character is so blank, lost in her own world sometimes it’s cute. Weirdly I thought I wouldn’t like her character but I actually don’t mind it. Because she comes off as pretty normal.

I would say I’m sad to see In Ho leave but we all know he’s going to come back. Especially after seeing his little bubbles of attraction to Seol. I seriously can’t wait to hear the story about what happened to his hand. Because from the way he was watching himself play piano seemed to indicate it was pretty bad and completely dropped his self esteem. However part of me feels like their may just be a misunderstanding. Anyway In Ho’s character of being in your face but gentle just reminds me of a jumpy Chihuahua. I’m being serious lool. Despite his exterior you can tell he has a soft spot for Seol and I think it will probably be played out by placing him in a brotherly role with her. Sort of like what happened with Siwon in ‘She Was Pretty’, but hopefully not as badly done. The scene where he helps Seol from that crazy stalker guy proves my point and also the aftermath exemplifies that In Ho may be getting more and more involved with Seol.

Speaking of crazy stalker guy, I wonder why he keeps mention Jung’s real nature? There’s no point hoping he’s not going to bring more drama to the already fragile relationship. Nevertheless I’m curious. Clearly this guy’s obsessed since he has the time to fire In Ho after getting beaten. Dude move on.

Funny Moment

IT’S NATURAL CURLS. SAY IT AFTER ME. NATURAL CURLS. Ahhhh this was hilarious. Probably the most awkward scene so far when Jung interrupts Seol paying for drinks with In Ho. Boy she’s a lightweight to get drunk easily from frustration over Jung and In Ho. Poor In Ho to be the one to have a water bottle thrown at him by our new character, Jun- Seol’s brother. And to be called the thug. I swear the similarity in Seol and In Ho is that no one takes them seriously.


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