Cheese In The Trap Ep 5 ShamzCapz- “I Am A Woman Who Just Got Paid” [Seol]

Wow… 5 episodes deep and I’m still hella confused. Well I guess in a good way. I’ve resisted the urge to go and check out the webtoon and spoil it for myself. This episode is tempting me to just YOLO it tho.

Yoo Jung. You were doing SO well, until the end. After the run in with In Ho, Seol has her first outburst. Yes there is more to come lol. They basically have a little heart to heart and find that they both need to work on communicating better with each other. I was glad they could smooth out their problems but I have to agree with Seol. That ‘misunderstanding’ between Jung and In Ho doesn’t seem as simple as he explained it. It was pretty clear from his calm explanation to her, contrasted with his interactions with In Ho. That was no ‘simple’ misunderstanding.

However that aside Seol looks past it and it was nice to see them bonding better on their dates. Actually it was really cute, especially when he buys her the Seol look alike lion charm. Their awkwardness isn’t as bad since they now are trying to be more explicit and understanding of each other.

Whilst all this happiness is going on, In Ho just looks like a puppy who lost it’s owner. You can totally see how they both don’t want to stop being friends so they keep edging themselves closer. Despite annoying each other at the same time. Gahhh I mean Jung is doing better in keeping me afloat but In Ho feels are too strong. He’s just too perfect in making life just that little more fun.

In Ha had to come and ruin their mood though lool. This girl I LOVE, but she needs to sort her life out.  I love her character, along with her brother, since they bring the chaos to the drama. Nevertheless I hope by the end we see her shape up. Her little scene of using Seol to lure In Ho gives insight into where they both came from. When their parents passed away they were taken in by an abusive aunt. This was a major factor as to why Jung’s dad takes them in. That memory alone is exactly what In Ha uses to get money off him which is peakkkk. Come on girl…

I had no idea homosexuality was going to be a theme in this! I was wondering why we kept getting shots of Teaching Assistant Heo but it turns out he’s in a relationship with Seol’s neighbor, Joo Yong. Unfortunately for these two, things go south for their relationship. First off the shady son of the landlord bricks Heo round the head for some reason. Thank god In Ho was about in order to call 911. Part of me thinks he is the underwear thief as the police arrest Joo Yong after finding evidence in his room.

Then you have Jung. Heo in anger screws Seol and admits that her scholarship and job were all thanks to Jung. Aha! I knew it! Leaving Seol frustrated at Jung. And we all know, once you upset Jung, you’re f*cked. Which is exactly what happens to them. He says he will leave Heo and not rat out their relationship if Joo Yong leaves dorms and goes back home.  Dude that was heartless.

Seol and Jung’s conversation at the end was quite intriguing. I understand where her and the rest of them come from when they criticise him for only thinking selflessly. Part of me also understands his side of things too. What I mean is technically the little blackmailing against Heo was a favour for a favour. So although his behaviour is a little off and comes off as cynical, it is at the same time innocent. Ahmygad, despite knowing a little more than Seol, I still have no fucking clue how to interpret this. It’s hard to follow sometimes because of the character complexes but one thing I want to know is what made him attracted to Seol? Near the end of the episode I feel like he was supposed to be hinting how she may be different but I still don’t get why.


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