Remember Ep 9 ShamzCapz- “Don’t You Ever Refer To A Man As A Number” [Dong Ho]

I seriously am surprised that knock to the head didn’t do that much damage. I mean come one it was an effing brick! How? This time for a change, Jin Woo, Dong Ho and In Ah find each other together in the beginning of the episode. I’m surprised Dong Ho got their before Jin Woo to save In Ah. I guess having amazing memory doesn’t overpower your links in the network.

Anyway now that Jin Woo has been released from the wanted list, Gyu Man isn’t a happy camper. I seriously think Gyu Man should get some anger management lessons. Maybe I should teach? OK lol let me not get sidetracked. What I’m trying to say is how is this guy’s answer to everything in life is kill or money. When he went ham on that lady’s car after hearing about retrial I was just like #RELAX.

Is it weird to say that I’m glad he is such a pussy when it comes to his father? The way his father has him on lock makes it a little bearable as he gets out the bamboo stick to beat his ass once finding out about retrial. One thing that peaked my interest during this scene was the mention of his mother. I was slyly wondering where she was in the whole drama but I’m a little scared to wonder anymore after what his father says. Please don’t reveal to me that he killed her because she didn’t listen. Chairman Ho is so traditional it makes my parents look shameful.

We finally got retrial! I guess something had to come to reopen the case otherwise what was the point in having the drama. The deceased lady ended up leaving a video confessing her testimony was fake. Yas! OF COURSE there had to be a downfall for Jin Woo as soon as he discovered it. Even I’m getting frustrated for him! It’s like he’s cursed at ever step. His previous witness from the night had to get bought didn’t he? Not to mention further how Jae Hyuk’s condition is getting worse and worse and the bitches are doing jack shit in order to make sure he never recovers. #LetMeBlessYouJinWoo

I knew Dong Ho and In Ah were gonna caught at some point soon. Dong Ho locking away the murder earlier was just too bait of a move to question his loyalty to Gyu Man. Well I use loyalty lightly since he pretty much is his bitch. However this episode finishes whatever loyalty he had towards Gyu Man or even Joo Il.

To be honest it wasn’t that hard to see how much he was wavering however that moment he finds out that his dad’s death also resulted in the death of Jin Woo’s family he completely surrenders.  Side note: Dong Ho can’t cry for shit. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! Dong Ho ain’t that stupid to not have a copy of the evidence from 4 years ago COME ON! Let’s hope this disc helps our luckless Jin Woo.

In return Gyu Man tests his loyalty at one point to see how he reacts to putting Jin Woo down. Dong Ho has a pretty good poker face but it’s still quite bait. I just find it funny how Gyu Man could just kill him but he doesn’t even lay a finger on him. Interesting…

With regards to In Ah, Moo Suk pretty much defeats her by placing her as the prosecution for Jae Hyuk’s case. Placing her in the position of choosing between Jin Woo or her position as prosecutor. It’s nice to see she sticks on the side of justice by refusing to stand in court.

New character alert! I don’t know how I feel about her for the moment though. Apparently she also trained with Dong Ho but from their little talk it seemed as if she used to be like In Ah. In that she was all about justice seeking. Seems corruption of powers may have broken her down. Especially considering she is now working for Gyu Man. She’s right about Dong Ho though.

Onto the actual trial. Let’s just admit that this prosecutor ain’t joking around. She is pretty good from what I can see BUT of course Jin Woo has something up his sleeve. Enter doctor witness! See this is why people should try not to get themselves into any dirty business in life. It always bites back as Jin Woo done to the doctor.


(Sorry I’m late this week I had an operation the other day so been kinda slow in everything lol)


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