Remember Ep 10 ShamzCapz- “Drinking After Letting It All Go Feels Great” [In Ah]

You know what Ep 10 taught me? People are massive a**holes. This episode probably was by far the most emotional. Remember how I was saying how frustrated I was getting on Jin Woo’s behalf? Well this episode made me wanna run in guns blazing and dash all the spicy curry I can find in all them a**hole’s faces. #LetMeRelax

Of course we saw Jin Woo collapse from Ep 9 and I wonder if it has to do with his possible condition? I wanna see if that’s what develops to be a major part of the drama since we now are half way through and at the end of the retrial. Thankfully he hasn’t kept this condition to himself and Manager Yeon also knows about it in case anything drastic was to happen. Part of me wonders if she will end up telling someone soon. My brain says it would be In Ah but why do I get weird feeling it may be Dong Ho first? Because part of me thinks Dong Ho may take the case up again. I don’t know it’s all just my speculations.

So let’s begin with all them bitch ass witnesses shall we? AHMYSWEETBUDDHA! That doctor dude who was supposed to help claiming fake testimony, yeah he went and flopped it by refusing to explicitly say Gyu Man’s name. Admittedly he lost on both sides since his position is officially tainted and Gyu Man had some humiliating plans for him. If he had just told the truth he could have replaced humiliation with jail time. Erghhhhh

Let me move onto to that flipping detective. ASNDEBHKJSEDKS. That was how I felt throughout the whole episode and especially this part. Of course now this is guy is the last remaining hope for Jin Woo in terms of witnesses. Despite wanting to slap the foundation off Gyu Man, I gotta hand it to him, he was clever. The way he planned the whole scene by making Detective Gwak act as if he was going to be killed so Jin Woo would feel like saving him secures his testimony. OHMYLORDJESUS when he refuses to admit it in court. BISHHH I’M COMING FOR YOU TOO! #AVeryAngryShamz

Now let me move on to the stupid legal sphere of the drama. I’m not even gonna question some of the legal legistics of this drama BUT Moo Suk and that Prosecutor Chae. I don’t know what this woman is benefitting from but clearly she lost her justice seeking values a long time ago. I just wanted to wipe that smirk off her face every time. I’m not going to judge her yet though because I don’t really know much about her yet. Then Moo Suk, when he had to go change the judge. Bruh! When I saw Suk Kyu walking like he was pissseddd I was wondering what had happened but I didn’t expect a change in panel. You can see how I’m becoming more and more vexed.

It wasn’t surprising to see In Ah resign given that she seems to be the only one who is willing to stick to her morals. I’m still not sure about her acting yet though. Anyway her mum goes ape shit on her for resigning so where does she go? To Jin Woo of course! We finally get a hint of something romantic between the two. Nevertheless I still don’t feel the chemistry between them. I mean admittedly we are only just half way through this drama so hopefully something more develops. But for now I still don’t see it. But Attorney Seong is literally that one friend who eggs everything on. When he thinks they did the freaky deaky… AH his reaction!

JOOOO ILLL WHYYYYYY??? BISH WHYYYYY??? Dong Ho lost his soul ever since finding about Jin Woo’s family and you can see him edging closer and closer to Jin Woo. He shouldn’t have told Joo Il that he had chosen to help Jin Woo. When he finally decides to take the evidence over the guy HAD to go stop him and beat the shit out of him. DUDDDDEEEE COME ONNNNN.

This trial can never catch a break and in the end what Dong Ho has been saying all this time really is true. The trial was impossible to win from the start. Can I just say Jeon Kwang Leol’s acting is amazing. I truly felt for him when his pains came back and everyone just ignored him as faking it. Also his little moment when he remembers Jin Woo was just so unexpected I felt my heart go boing for a bit. OK I CAN’T KEEP IT IN ANY LONGER. WHY DID THEY KILL HIM! WHY? WHY? WHY? The final statement by Jin Woo just had me shouting curse words in my room. What’s the point in any judgement when he’s dead now! On a side note; is the attorney allowed to take calls in a court room?

I loved and hated this episode. Loved it because it has been the most dynamic so far. Hated it because I just wanted to slap everyone until they became permanent bobble heads. Now that most witnesses are gone, as well as evidence, I seriously am wondering where this drama will go. I really hope it doesn’t get ruined or dragged out because I am liking things so far. When I was reading the comments there was one I definitely agreed with because I was thinking the exact same thing. Will Soo Beom help Jin Woo? Because it’s true he did look ashamed and disgusted by Gyu Man’s comments. If he does though I wonder how long he will take?


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