Cheese In The Trap Ep 4 ShamzCapz- “Also, Bare Feet Is Just Suicide” [Seol]

Argh I can’t seem to figure out whom I should be pairing with whom. I mean Seol and Jung look like a cute couple, whilst SeolIn (my ship name) are just fun. To be honest, the initial dating parade looks pretty bleak for Seol and Jung. They seriously are the definition of ‘awkward turtles’. I guess her lack of experience and his weird demeanour probably doesn’t help the mix.

The way she just kept waiting for a reply from Jung and instead he gives her something pretty vague. And they both don’t know when it is appropriate to ever contact each other or even talk. Yeah. Awkward. The biggest flaw in their ‘relationship’ is probably their misunderstandings and lack of communication. Especially their mini date scene where you can see how massive opposites they can be. The ease I guess just isn’t there yet- and you can tell she feels it a lot when he pulls a favour to get her free english tuition.

In stark contrast her relationship with In Ho is massively different. I wouldn’t exactly say they have similar interests or anything because that hasn’t really been explicitly shown yet. However it is clear that she is WAY more comfortable around In Ho than Jung. With In Ho she can be as casual, trampy and open to her liking. For examlpe after starving from an expensive date she hits the convenience store to munch down. They both bump into each other at  and end up sharing kimchi. It was such a sweet yet funny moment. Damnn Jung you need to up your game man.

Furthermore there were two scenes’ that exemplified them beginning a good friendship (and maybe some more later?). The first being when she vents to him about her shit part time job and he advises her to man up more in life. The way he elicited that trait out of her was heart-warming weirdly. It’s like he cared enough to help her. The second scene was after her lesson at the private academy. In Ho noticing how down she looks he decides to cheer her up by making paper aeroplanes. I know it’s giving you the feels too right? He genuinely grabs her in order to make her smile. Ok let me just be real here- just by how much I’ve talked about this guy you can already see which side I’m standing on can’t you?

There is still the underlying question in my head as to if there are any hidden agendas. For both actually. Jung because he wants In Ho and In Ha out of his life as well as impressing Seol. At least I think. Then In Ho trying to battle against Jung’s power (?) as he keeps trying to remove them. That was bait when he hints that his hand situation has something to do with Jung. (So I was right about the hand!) Is that why he’s acting nice to her? You see what I mean??? Especially that sly sly move by Jung to In Ha. He knew that she wouldn’t attend those classes and he uses it as a motive for his father to cut her off. You clever bitch. #ImWatchingYou

Favourite Moment

What put the cherry on top for me between SeolIn was how much their opinions actually influence each other. The way he dresses up for his interview and she wears colourful clothes. All because they remembered what each other’s advice were to up their game. On a side note thank you sweet Seol for persuading him to wear a dress shirt. #ThirstbucktinInTheCorner


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