Cheese In The Trap Ep 3 ShamzCapz- “Wow Her Eyes Are Really Like That” [In Ho]

Crap I’m officially getting ‘sideman syndrome’ already in this drama. This drama better not set me up for nothing you know.

Ok I’m just going to jump straight into the main portion of the episode which was Seol’s group project. MY SWEET BUDDHA WAS ALL OF THAT SHIT TRUE. She had to get stuck with the members who do jack all with no remorse. I felt her pain SO much. This has happened to many too many times in university and honestly you just want to backhand everyone. Especially when their lack of participation leaves you with a D. After all that hard work; I was frustrated on behalf of Seol. To be honest I sort of see where Professor Kang was coming from when rejecting a remark. Although she works diligently on her own, that itself is her downfall. Knowing the others can’t do as well she took the easier route. However in real life if you can’t social network then trust me, you ain’t going nowhere. No offence to Sang Chul, though part of me feels sorry for him as he tries to not disappoint his parents. Let’s be honest, he’s not really helping the situation by acting like and absolute useless idiot.

Seol’s situation probably isn’t helped by the cold shoulder given by Yoo Jung after the incident with Ah Young. It was so obvious from last week’s episode and Ah Young expresses it explicitly to Seol. Yoo Jung has a thing for her. Once Ah Young mentioned that however, I only just realised that he may be ‘that’ pissed because he thinks her date was In Ho. I saw that dirty look he gave to her phone. Yet he still keeps looking out for her and gets that extra bit sensitive whenever he hears about her.

Seol unfortunately falls out with Bo Ra after she snaps at her from annoyance. Admittedly I understand both sides. I mean the girl just got a D which is detrimental for her scholarship, whilst Bo Ra was only trying to get her to open up instead of bottling her problems inside. I hope they rekindle their friendship because I was really enjoying the trio.

Then we have In Ho swoop in like an angel to ease her pain with his blunt honesty. Ahh this guy needs to back off because I’m trying my hardest not to waver for the sideman once again. But he’s not making it easier. I just loved the way he cooled her down and his goofiness made her smile. Did anyone smile slightly when he began to walk really slow so she would catch up with him? Seol even nearly confides in him on her current life situation. As you can tell their characters are already making moves on becoming closer. This has got me worried. Why? Because all the way, Yoo Jung follows her out of worry only to see this play out. Dude does not look happy at all.

I really want to know what exactly happened between him, In Ho and In Ha. Yoo Jung’s father invites all three of them for food and the shit that goes down. From what I can tell In Ho may have been a talented on the piano and then something happened to his hand? I remember something along those lines and Yoo Jung’s family supports In Ho and his sister. I wonder if it was because of that incident or something else? Whatever it is Yoo Jung doesn’t appreciate their burden and would rather cut them out of his life altogether. Harsh much? #INeedDetails

Of course Yoo Jung ain’t gonna just sit back and watch all of this unfold. So I wasn’t surprised when he began sneaky plans to get In Ho away from Seol and his life. Ironic how they both warn her from each other. Talk about confusing the girl even further. Yoo Jung goes that extra mile though by asking her out on a date near the end? #LosersWeepers Then again we don’t really have any sort confirmation that In Ho likes Seol…

Funny Moment

That scene where after getting her phone back they come to find out they actually live near each other. It’s so funny how she kept pretending she doesn’t live near him but he catches her out. And the way he just takes the piss out of her appearance had me rolling on the bed! #LovingThisCombo #SeolIn #PossibleShip ?


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