Mask First Impressions ShamzCapz- “You Will Go To Hell For This” [Ji Sook]

Not entirely sure why I decided to start watching this drama. Especially given that I have three dramas’s to keep up with in January (waiting on Madame Antoine). Nevertheless whilst browsing through Ikurate’s site I stumbled across it and after reading the reviewer’s comments I thought – eff it. So here I am with my 4th drama for the year and I’m probably mental for doing this. Anyway the first episode already gave me a two shirtless scenes and a shower scene so you bet I’m ready to dive head first into it. Let’s go!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 00.29.38

Let’s begin with the already messed up beginning scene. Two identical girls, one wealthy, the other underprivileged. Park Soo Ae plays both Seo Eun Ha and Byun Ji Sook. Byun Ji Sook is the first to be introduced by hanging off a cliff. Miraculously managing to not even be dead. Don’t question it- it’s Kdrama. The interesting part is when we overhear her phone conversation with our male protagonist, Min Woo (Ju Ji Hoon,) whom forces her to accept some sort of deal? For some odd reason it includes her having to die. What?

Her introduction purposely makes you feel bad for her. Ji Sook comes from an underprivileged family and has to deal with massive debts incurred by her father. Ji Sook’s character is portrayed as just coasting through life with a suicidal father, a bitch of a boss and heaps of life baggage. I would too I guess.

Her classmates were RAW. Knowing she is there to scrounge for money they all decide to play with her. One guy in particular even offers her money in exchange for sex. Part of me thinks he genuinely likes her since he does end up giving her the money despite rejection. That aside however he was still a big d*** for blaming it on her for not being able to date her openly since she is pretty but poor. Bitch what?

Let’s move onto Eun Ha and Min Woo. Both these two are to be married solely for the purpose of business and personal deals. From what we hear later on they both are children from mistresses. That’s why part of me feels like Eun Ha and Ji Sook may possibly be related. Anyway Eun Ha is a distant person, and that’s about as much as we get about her.

Min Woo on the other hand would drive me crazy. He has some sort of condition? I’m not sure exactly but it was hilarious seeing him begin to exaggerate every time he pictured germs spreading or imagines possible negative outcomes. Essentially this problem is shown as a consequence of seeing his mother pass away. His outburst during therapy has me worried for him a little and will probably be one of the overcoming obstacles for our main couple.

Ji Sook and Min Woo meeting was hilarious. Mainly because of Min Woo’s    condition that make him freak out over everything. Seeing him leg it to the shower when she pukes on him had me smiling. But when Ji Sook places her three million in his bathrobe was just plain stupid. I mean come on, HOW?

Min Woo not knowing leaves, in just a bathrobe 😉 , to have a date with Eun Ha. Talk about extravagant, poolside, long ass table and a flipping orchestra in the back. Too OTT. In the midst of their dinner Min Woo’s sister Mi Yeon (Yu In Young) appears. I’m not sure if she begins to drill into Eun Ha because she is overprotective of her brother, or if it has something to do with her husband. I will get to that in a moment. This girl is SO mentally and emotionally insecure. She craves full attention and safety and that was obvious from her relationship with her husband Seok Hoon (Yeon Jeong Hun).

I’m not sure how these two got married because BOI do they have ISSUES. Whilst she is mentally unstable he grits his teeth through her emotional rollercoasters. Yet the sexual tension is higggghhhhhhh. Sadly for them, their act is interrupted by Min Woo’s mental outburst.

In stark contrast to Mi Yeon, her husband is a suspicious one. You know I said there was a secret lover? I think it’s this guy. Seok Hoon seemed overprotective over Eun Ha, especially when she’s found dead at the end. Furthermore when Eun Ha sees him dragging Mi Yeon away she looks at him with want. Earlier on too, he looked like he was trying to purposely knock down Min Woo from his position in the company. Maybe he’s in it for the power? I smell some bad vibes.

Let’s move onto the actual main point of the story. Remember Ji Sook ‘died’ in the beginning of this episode? Well by the end of this episode Eun Ha dies. Confused? Don’t worry let me break it down to what I think will become. We don’t know how she dies apart from that sly pill being sneaked into her drink and a confused Min Woo near the pool while she floats. My prediction is Ji Sook will now replace Eun Ha in order to cover any possible blame- hence why she has to die as Ji Sook. Looks like that article Eun Ha read ironically foreshadowed the future.

Funny Moment

HOYAAAAA plays Ji Hyeok, her little brother?? Waaah I had no idea until he appeared on screen. Anyway that scene where he’s contemplating robbing the bank was jokes. The way he got bare shook and chickened out of it.


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