Remember Ep 8 ShamzCapz- “I Am Your Son, Nam Gyu Man” [Gyu Man]

Dafuq with this episode? It was definitely an exhilarating one I can tell you that. You got father feels, Gyu Man being a raw bitch and a blinded by love Dong Ho. Maybe I should explain what I mean.

Since Gyu Man has Jin Woo on lock he turns into a right bitch. Him seeing Jae Hyuk was such a d*** move. I just wanted to slap him for cornering Jae Hyuk and emotionally blackmailing him. This was when I appreciated Soo Beom’s existence as his sly comment about wrongdoers should’t commit if they want to be stuck in prison. Half the time Soo Beom doesn’t realise till too late what he’s said and it cracks me up when he tries escaping his words.

Jin Woo is wanted- for 10 million won may I add! Bruh! He embarks on a mission to clear his name in order to request retrial since he gets rejected for being a suspect. FINALLY Manager Yeon’s story is told and let me just say I totally understand why she is loyal. Jin Woo hides out in a student room that specifically replicates a prison and Manager Yeon instantly finds him as she used to work there. Her loyalty comes from him saving her from her abusive husband. Ok now I’m just waiting for Soo Beom to do something similar.

Jin Woo says a particular quote about giving up on yourself means the world has given up on you. A great and try quote illustrating how once you lose yourself, there is no one who will come to find you. You’re the only one who can put anything into motion, people will always fail you.

It was so cute how Attorney Song jumped on Jin Woo for a carebear hug after Manager Yeon tells him the whole truth. I was a little surprised he knows so little and is even working with Jin Woo but then again it’s not like during the trial 4 years ago he knew the underlying truth. I want to know why Jin Woo decide to recruit him actually.

Moving on, Jin Woo’s secret weapon from the VP finally comes into play as he plans to exploit Il Ho’s slush funds publicly. He is so slick to be calling Gyu Man in the restaurant table next to him whilst telling him his plan. #WhatADon

However things don’t go to plan. It’s not even the chief prosecutor and the detective guy that fucks things up. It’s bloody Dong Ho. This guy just keeps confusing me. I mean it’s clear he’s protective over Jin Woo.  Furthermore after using his links to track Jin Woo, he subtly mentions to Manager Pyeon how Jin Woo will win this war.

But then he goes and stops Jin Woo from broadcasting. I swear I’m just as frustrated as Jin Woo with Dong Ho. He’s like a annoying fly that won’t stop buzzing around. All that hidden camera work done by Jin Woo just BAM, gone. It’s weird because he tells Jin Woo to stop coming at him and move on. However at the same time he keeps encouraging him. Dong Ho what are you even saying?

Dong Ho is pretty much forced to give Jin Woo to Gyu Man. I thought visiting Jae Hyuk was too far but this is just on another level. His words were so raw and I just wanted to run through the screen and grab him. You can see in all three mens faces that deep down they don’t approve of Gyu Man’s ways. Especially Soo Beom when Gyu Man tells him he got the detective to kill Jin Woo.

As if it was fate it switches to Jae Hyuk finally remembering who Jin Woo actually is and the truth. Is his little letter to Jin Woo going to make a reappearance?

There goes Dong Ho again with his confusing actions as he stops the Detective from shooting Jin Woo. I actually thought the detective was in on something when he let Jin Woo go but it was only to catch him off guard when he shoots. Dong Ho does tell Gyu Man that Jin Woo ran away and adds how irresponsible he’s being. I had the exact same thought as Gyu Man. Dong Ho sort of looks after Gyu Man and acts as an older brother to him. It’s so strange because although he disagrees with Gyu Man’s actions he still warns, directs and advises him like a brother. Weird… but he may wanna watch where he treads as I’m pretty sure Gyu Man will figure his disloyalty.

Jin Woo surprisingly goes straight to In Ah. I’m still unsure about these two being in a romantic relationship because it feels like she’s looking after a younger brother. Anyway surprise, surprise, Jin Woo’s memory helps him once again in clearing his name and find the real culprit of the murder. Although In Ah is there to aid Jin Woo in catching Gyu Man she may wanna be careful of getting eradicated herself. Especially when the Chief Prosecutor now has the Detective trailing her. Her problem is she is way too honest.

Funny how in recent episodes Dong Ho, Jin Woo and In Ah find themselves in the same scene. All three of them have gone their own ways to find our murderer. In Ah catches him first but he knocks her out with a brick to her head. Yes you read that right. A brick. Don’t tell me that wouldn’t have caused some serious damage. Thankfully she had called Jin Woo at the same time informing him of finding the guy. I’m not sure if at the end he’s seen something because before it cuts his eyes widen a little. This episode has picked up more in terms of the story so onto the next one!

Favourite Moment

The way Yeo Gyeong looked as if she wanted to punch her brother for disturbing her thinking time. They are a pretty odd pair of siblings. Gyu Man was just doing it on purpose to big himself up on how he’s managed to bring down Jin Woo.

Favourite Quote

From In Ah’s dad- “everything becomes clear when the time is right”. No matter how much of a distant possibility it seems it is the truth. Things may not seem, feel or be right at the moment but with time you will figure out and see what is to be. I sound like a therapist.


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