[ Shamz Reviews ] – [ Oh My Ghost / 오 나의 귀신님 ]

How late is this one huh? So I’ve decided maybe I should actually write reviews on the drama’s I have watched on here. One because I want to share with you my experience/opinions and two let’s debate it. I give you a basic outline (spoilers) my likes and dislikes and if I would recommend it. Additionally I have a moist rating for every review from now on. What’s moist you ask? Well Urban Dictionary is your best friend- #LetsKeepThingsPG. Oh yeah don’t forget… #ISpeakInHashtags Let’s go!

[ Basic Story Line ]

Two female protagonists. Our first female lead is Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), a shy assistant chef with zero self esteem. Is also secretly crushing hard on her head chef, Sun Woo (Cho Jung Seok). Unfortunately Sun Woo has still got his eyes on his own crush, So Hyeong (Park Jung Ah). Sun Woo ends up falling for Bong Sun once she is possessed by Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), a ghost in limbo trying to relieve herself of her virgin grudge. Basically she wants to do the freaky deaky since she couldn’t when she was alive. Through the drama both their stories coincidentally intertwine revealing many hidden secrets.

[ Likes ]


This is my first drama of Park Bo Young and OMG SHE IS AMAZING! When I first saw her I was bare thinking how is she gonna pull of Soon Ae’s character but the woman was perfect. I loved that she was able to switch from a timid, innocent girl to a horny, sexually frustrated woman. I mean Kim Seul Gi  was good as well but Park Bo Young definitely outshone her in this drama. I follow this girl on the V App too and I SERIOUSLY cannot get over her cuteness. It was hard to remember that only just a few episodes ago she was talking about her admiration of bulges. #HashtagsAfter12


Lim Ju Hwan who played Officer Choi’s character made me freaking speechless. This guy, like Park Bo Young, managed to switch from psycho to a gummy bear in like 3 seconds. I could almost say he was just as good as Park Bo Young because he played his character that well. He wasn’t that bad to look at either now that I think about it.


The kitchen team. They did not fail to make me laugh, ESPECIALLY Min Soo (Kang Ki Young). This guy literally had no ratings from anyone in the drama but that’s what made him second to Soon Ae in making me laugh. The way he always exaggerated himself got me cracking. Ahh and how can I forget the slightly ditzy Seo Joon (Kwak Si Yang) who was ready to drop panties everywhere. On my nosebleed meter he was reaching those double digits. Soon as he took off his shirt I knew he was straight coming for me. BUT I’m glad they placed him in more of a brotherly relationship with Bong Sun because it worked well. I slyly wished took his shirt off more though seriously. #WhyYouDenyingMe

-The #YOLO moral lesson-

Let’s just say it was a perfect drama for Summer. I appreciated the fact that the drama’s underlying moral of living your life in the moment and loving yourself whilst doing so was incorporated consistently. You know you have those drama’s where it starts off exhilarating and promises of good content. Then 4 episodes in and you just want to backhand the drama for going off on a completely different tangent or even repeating the same old problem- don’t get me started on ‘Playful Kiss’. In ‘Oh My Ghost’, given Soon Ae’s life being cut short she constantly reminded the rest of the protagonists how life is too short and you ain’t got time for nobody but yourself. #YOLO

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 20.19.16


My Sweet Buddha the sexual innuendo’s in this drama… can we all have a minute of silence for Bong Sun’s innocence. Soon Ae managed to turn all the men into her Oppa’s in 5 episodes. How? I loved her shameless attitude for the D; it had me in tears at some points. Plus it made the show that extra bit enjoyable.

[ Dislikes ]


I don’t know why but Bong Sun and Sun Woo just never made sense to me. Ok, let me point our first that this may have to do with me preferring Sun Woo with Soon Ae’s character. Anyway, I still found it weird how suddenly he admitted he truly loved Bong Sun and not Soon Ae. It felt like he randomly liked her out of nowhere when I thought it was evident that he fell in love with Soon Ae’s character. Meh, maybe it’s just me?



Bong Sun’s character was so dormant I just wanted to inject some life into the girl. Like COME ON. Her character, not the actress, frustrated me so much at times. She was absolutely boring and had NO character and it pissed me off. Maybe it was done on purpose so you can see her develop with the help of Soon Ae. It is true by the end she did become a little more tolerable.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.58.44

[ Would I Recommend It? ]

Hell Yes. Bar the weird coupling and a boring Bong Sun I would definitely recommend this to anyone whose looking for something romantic but also funny to watch. Wait that’s a romcom right? Lol Not but seriously it won’t disappoint and DOES NOT DRAG THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR LIFE. Thank Buddha.

[ Moist Rating ]


I was SO moist for this drama. 9/10 hands down. No, I am not being generous. It is seriously a drama worth watching and I have no regrets. I thought it may have gotten boring by the time Soon Ae found Sun Woo but boiiiii was I sooooo wrong. The unexpected events had me wanting to know more and … ergh why am I still even typing? GO WATCH IT!



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