Remember Ep 7 ShamzCapz- “Yesterday’s Enemy Becomes Today’s Friend” [Dong Ho]

Finally I have an episode! Been a while. This episode was not really much of a shock but it has placed Jin Woo in a bit of a pickle. Considering how many episode’s we have left, obviously things weren’t going to just click straight into place.

They had to hit me with the father and son feels in this episode straight away didn’t they? Everytime I see them come on it is a little disheartening but this episode was the worst. Mainly because of what Seo Jae Hyuk says about being a prisoner. It rings true.

We see our first glimpse of Jin Woo’s possible memory loss (not sure what exactly the condition is). This point comes when In Ah comes with a office warming gift and he forgets Jung Ah’s name.

It’s nice to see that Jin Woo still appreciates In Ah as a special person to him. He mentions to Manager Yeon that he doesn’t want her getting hurt and that is why he is pushing her away. Jin Woo displays his genuine feelings after hearing that she went to see his father and causing chaos in the Prosecutor’s office for keeping him in prison despite his condition. Peak times when the Chief Prosecutor basically shoves her to the side. #PowerOverJustice

So let’s pick up from the backhand given to Gyu Man. A good move but also a bad one. Obviously he was pissed, this is Gyu Man we’re talking about, but I’m surprised he didn’t go and kill him straight. Especially when Seok Gyu announces to them that Jin Woo requested a retrial. Can I just point out how funny the way they all looked at him like – “bit*h what?”

Our answer to why shit didn’t go down as fast is probably due to our watchdog – Dong Ho. Obviously from last time we could see he basically is watching over In Ah and Jin Woo as if they were his children. So it comes as no surprise that he kept Gyu Man calm enough to not take drastic measures. I still believe that Dong Ho is not going to be a total douchebag in the end. Well here’s to hoping at least…

Dong Ho’s main block was telling Gyu Man how in reality his father has been the one setting up all these situations to make sure he inherits cleanly. Well he isn’t wrong of course but I was wondering if he was even allowed to say that. Gyu Man attempts to a 180, as if he had found some new admiration for his father, by trying to illustrate how he is capable of not being child-minded.

Yeah him trying to live civilly doesn’t really go to plan CLEARLY. Given that Jin Woo has been chasing his tail non-stop. I mean the dude has found a new witness, obtained the slush funds of Il Ho group from the VP and is making moves to convince his dads coworker to admit her testimony was fake. Because of course this would for sure open up a retrial. #EverydayHustleLife

Gyu Man isn’t stupid, surprisingly, and begins to set up a trap which I didn’t even see coming. Gyu Man’s Sec. tells him of Jin Woo’s meeting with the lady. OK wait. Pause. Before I carry on I really think someone needs to slap the grease off Gyu Man’s head. The way he batters Manager Lee because he refuses to kill someone. You do realise that he may have point? #FreeManagerLee loooool

Back to Gyu Man. He gets Joo Il to kill the woman. Gotta give Joo Il credit since he does refuse, until Gyu Man drops in Dong Ho’s safety. Ah I feel kind of bad for Dong Ho and Joo Il since they know they are doing wrong but can’t seem to get out. They are pretty much trapped under power.

Of course it was all a set up to frame Jin Woo. Talk about return of the unwanted. That stupid officer makes a reappearance when trying to arrest Jin Woo. I had the same look on my face as Dong Ho and the Chief Prosecutor when the guy desperately sucks up to Gyu Man. Ergh #WhoSaidUCanTalk

Jin Woo manages to escape the arrest. But the consequence comes that he is now a wanted person. I am such a dunce for not realising till this episode that Manager Yeon is in fact Seobbingo from ‘Oh My Ghost’. Say wahhhh. I’m really intrigued to know how her and Jin Woo met because she seems to care a lot for him. Especially when the detectives almost find his secret den.

A worried In Ah coincidentally finds Jin Woo in his den. She seems a little taken aback by his research but quickly pushes it aside when simultaneously Dong Ho enters. Trust him to come at this time too and he basically asks her straight where Jin Woo is. I mean it’s obvious she isn’t go to snitch on him so it was a bit of weird ending.

It’s funny how sometimes Dong Ho looks like a frustrated father with these two. You can see it all over his face when none of them listen to his wise words. Furthermore he basically sounds like Joo Il. Every little advice he gave to them is exactly what Joo Il has said to him before.

Favourite Quote

This is one of the realest quotes I have seen so far in the series. It’s so true how people can switch from enemies to friends to enemies back again. Not all of course but some people have no loyalty man.

Favourite moment

Manager Pyeong and Manager Lee. Ahhh the bromance ship is sailing out here. I love how he relies so much on Manager Pyeong to soothe him since he’s probably the only guy who listens to him. Awwwhhh


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