Cheese In The Trap Ep 2 ShamzCapz- “I’ll Return It And Get A Free Meal” [In Ho]

Well shiet. For once my inkling was right about Yoo Jung crushing on Hong Seol. MATE THAT WAS SOME HARDCORE CRUSHING. I mean he lent his laptop, delayed her getting in trouble and would not stop asking for a meal. Not to mention making Hong Seol question her sanity too when he manipulated her into promising him another meal. You clever fish.

Apparently both me and Seol misjudged him. We find out later that Yoo Jung actually helped Jae Woo in uncovering Sang Chul’s inappropriate funds handling. All with the good intention of helping Jae Woo teach Sang Chul a lesson. You can see Seol literally fall a little more for him with every revelation. Me too man me too. He reminds me of a cute fox. I mean come on there is no denying there is still that cunning side to him.

Of course things don’t stay rainbows and gummy bears for these two. First of all you have the jealous Joo Yeon. Girl, why? No matter how jealous you are, how are you gonna jeopardise the girl’s chances of an education? Worse was when she sends the drunk hobo to Seol. Too far. Funny how she expected to look like a hero to Yoo Jung telling him about Seol’s danger. But he literally blanks her and points out how her story was a complete flop. At the same time though you can see she felt guilty as soon as she did her various vengeful acts. If anything the first two episodes of this drama has taught me how desperate people can get when it comes to their well being.

Shall we throw another spanner in the works? In Ho. Ahh man I can already tell I’m going to have sideman syndrome for this drama. Soon as he came on screen I warmed to him a lot and knew I was pretty fu*ked. His first interaction with Seol wasn’t exactly amazing since he comes off looking like a hobo and scaring her in the process. Admittedly if you go on a chase with another homeless dude and actually help him then one can’t help it. I loved how he legit felt offended by her reaction to him.

They once again meet when Seol is replacing Bo Ra for a blind date. Can I just point out that her outfit and get up was not on point. I’m sorry she  looked like one of those dolls in scary movies before they get possessed. In Ho goes in looking for a job but end up seeing her being patronised by the  douchebag blind date. This guy is just hilarious. The way he goes in to tear the guy down for talking to her like. Proper getting offended on her behalf this time as if he knew her. Its nice to know Seol is also gutsy and not just dormant. Thank Buddha. Even though In Ho is running his mouth she steps in and finally slates the guy verbally for saying she is too tacky. Bitch what? Love it!

Unfortunately for Seol after a failed date she comes home to a waiting and pissed Yoo Jung. Why is he pissed? Probably because Seol slyly tried to help her friend out in asking him out. Sadly for her he sees this as her  using him just for that. He facial expression looked a bit scary. Seemed as if he had accepted in his head that she likes him. Especially since his face  upon hearing she was on a date was not pleasant. #Peak #HisFaceWasMotionless

Unsurprisingly In Ho has Seol’s phone which she left at the restaurant. He finds the selfie they took earlier and believing they are dating calls Yoo Jung to finally meet. Their little meeting seems to explain a little back story on Yoo Jung. I feel like it may have something to do with In Ho being bullied real bad? I’m not sure since they just showed a few flashbacks with not much narration. In those flashbacks too Yoo Jung doesn’t seem all that different from what he is like now so I dunno. Both these guys are total opposites- one is expressive and the other expressionless. I also heard the mention of some financial charity? Whatever it is that happened Yoo Jung seems unfazed by and In Ho feels deeply about. Bring it writers.

Favourite moment

Bo Ra and Eun Teak- can you just both get in a relationship already? Their feels are so blatant I just want to dash them with a frying pan for not just going for it. They way she suggests transferring her blind date to Seol and Eun Taek just jumps up as if she found Jesus.


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