‘Cheese In The Trap’ First Impressions ShamzCapz- “You And Your Dirty Middle Finger” [In Ha]

I’m going to say from the beginning that watching this episode was frustrating. But in a good way. To be honest I found the story refreshing and so was the beginning of the series.

So I heard that this was made from a popular webtoon, apparently? I haven’t read it but I remember Park Hae Jin from ‘My Love From The Star’. I remember him as being alright, I mean he didn’t leave a deep impression on me or anything. When I did my AsianWiki research I found that this is Kim Go Eun’s first ever drama and they persuaded her quite a bit before going ahead with it. Ooo I’m excited to see how she performs sooo let’s go.

Our female protagonist Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) is a hardworking, honest and kind university student. Not much else to say about her character for now. However seems like she feels bullied by the mysterious and curious Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin). I use curious because he was so confusing and sly that I wanted to know more.

From the way the episode portrayed him, it seemed as if he kept manipulatively setting up traps on people in order to make himself look better. I felt the bad vibes off him too as it was like he was purposely looking for conflicts to happen. Especially the beginning incident that made Seol the victim. I mean he was the only other one there at the time so I was just hella confused as to why he ended up clearing Sang Chul’s name in the end too.

There’s clearly a story behind his weird behaviour. That fact was pretty blatant from when we see, via Seol, Yoo purposely dropping the jug. Probably to get the girl away from him but his smirk just seemed a little creepy. I can already tell that I’m gonna go on a rollercoaster with this guy.

That is literally what this episode felt like… one weird rollercoaster. Is it weird to say he seemed kind of creepy and stalkerish to Seol? Just the way how he would buy her that extra drink, or keep asking her out for food. However Seol believes he has no good intentions and is just there to threaten her school life. Mainly because she feels like, and the episode portrays it, he is out to get her for some reason. I don’t know he’s just a ball of confusion to me.

Nevertheless no one else believes her. Her friends (whom I already LOVE), Eun Taek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Bo Ra (Park Min Ji) think she just likes him. Or the other way around, I dunno I kept getting confused. Unfortunately for Seol Yoo Jung’s sidechick, Joo Yeon (Cha Joo Young) screws Seol for accusing him. Girl can’t catch a break huh?

Deep down my gut tells me he’s interested in her though. I mean he keeps asking her out blatantly, buys her drinks and just his face everytime she rejects his offer. #Peak. Even his scholarship ends up going to her the day after she talks of quitting school; is that supposed to be done on purpose? If that doesn’t convince you then the little scene where her schedule changes may change your opinion. I legit thought it was him too but the fact that he even tells her to come watch CCTV with him made me question it. The dude goes out of his way to actually find out who did it and I was like well, well, well. You trying to get in my nice books already? It doesn’t help that his smile is dazzling.

I was a little put off at the same time though. When he confronts the other senior- Sang Cheol (Moon Ji Yoon)- I kind of got the chills. He basically tricked Sang Chul into coming to the security office when he tells Joo Yeon he’s checking CCTV. That way he can tell he was guilty since he purposely comes to the office in order to do something about the footage. Then he mind fu*ked him into confessing everything even though the actual footage doesn’t show what Sang Chul did. #WTF

On the other hand, by the end of the episode he’s moved himself to Hong Seol’s class. This guy is the definition of SHADY.

Then the episode goes on to show us two other characters who seem a little disconnected from the rest. Siblings In Ho (Seo Kang Joon) and In Ha (Lee Sung Kyung). Lee Sung Kyung I remember youuuuuu! I love love loved her sassiness in “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and I’m glad your playing a similar role. Anyway, though they are siblings, their ensemble and behaviour makes them different. In Ha dressed in brand everything, going out with random men and rolling in her father’s money. Then there’s In Ho, dressed kinda trampy, no job nor money.Despite disapproving of his sister’s lifestyle it seems In Ho is genuinely worried for her. I can already tell I’m gonna love these two. The way they par each other and I swear In Ha is gonna get me cracking up.

From what I could tell, In Ho has been through some dark shit as In Ha mentions rehab etc. and whatever it is may have something to do with Yoo Jung. She explicitly mentions him and you can see it strikes something in In Ho. I sense tension between these two and I can’t wait to find out more!

Favourite Moment?

More like moments! The friendship between Hong Seol, Bo Ra and Eun Taek. The things they do for each other- now that is true friendship.

Although Eun Taek literally took a beating to get a peck from Bo Ra. Don’t think I didn’t catch your sly move of changing Bo Ra to the middle when they were running. I saw you dude, I saw you. Their casual flirting definitely perks the drama up A LOT. A couple? YASSSS PLEASE!

[SIDENOTE] – Professor Kang was Ra Ra from ‘She Was Pretty’ and my god she looks different. From crazy to smooth, hardcore professor. Although her features makes her look older I can’t deny that she keeps her body in shape!


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