Remember Ep 6 ShamzCapz- “A Fly Is Bothering A Lot Of People” [Gyu Man]

Hmmm… all I can say is that this episode ended well. Just the ending was priceless. The main point of this episode was of course to see how the trial ends. In victory for justice seeking Jin Woo, or folded into the cacoons of the powerful. Ahh I’m pretty proud of that sentence ๐Ÿ˜‚

Now that Jin Woo caused some reasonable doubt for our judge friend both him and In Ah fight to find any shred of video evidence of the assault. Let’s just say even In Ah can feel the difference in Jin Woo’s attitude and demeanour. He truly does resemble Dong Ho a lot. The way he’s so cut throat about his client only. Nevertheless you do see shreds of the old Jin Woo at certain points. Especially when you can see how hard he is fighting to actually prove the VP’s innocence despite his hidden agenda.

He bait move to get closer to Gyu Man by trying to slyly catch Yeo Gyeong. Bruh… allow the girl she seems the only sane one in her family. Oosh that is gonna be interesting and In Ah does not seem happy either.

This girl, after trying to reconnect with Jin Woo, and him turning her down, gets drunk af. As with any Kdrama, after a drunken call you can tell he still worries for her as he ends up taking her home on an infamous piggyback ride. A piggyback ride with Yoo Seung Ho sounds epic. Side note here but I mean I’m enjoying Park Min Young ‘s acting at the moment but I gotta say I don’t think she can pull off drunk acting pretty well. It just seemed a little lacking.

Of course news travels fast once Gyu Man finds out about who Jin Woo is. BUT, man wasn’t fazed by him since Jae Hyuk’s condition is getting worse. It was sad to see that evidenced when he still doesn’t recognise Jin Woo even after showing his wife’s ring. Gyu Man is way too confident on that one fact though. Believing he will be untouched but my my by the end of this episode was he wrong.

Surprisingly In Ah is the one to find the video clip. Her ruthlessness to ย obtain evidence comes from both a hint drop for concrete evidence from Kang Suk Kyu and because the new chief prosecutor is Chairman Nam’s minion (Moo Suk). Even In Ah can tell that Moo Suk underlying intentions may be for the case. Suk Kyu is SO clearly interested in her. It was so blatant as soon as he mentions it to Gyu Man who slyly is trying to persuade his bestie from school. What a coincidence.

I thought the video may have been the end of the trial but Jin Woo proves us wrong. His memory once again comes in handy when he realises the video is fake as there is no wedding ring on the perpetrator. Unfortunately for him Dong Ho catches up with him trying to catch Joo Il’s goons. Thus he gets beaten up and slowed down. Luckily he comes into contact with the victim after her mother’s surgery. He basically emotionally blackmails her for putting an innocent man behind barsย just for her mother’s surgery. Probably helped that he went and met her father, relaying a message that he’s sorry for leaving his family. Guilt tripping our victim into not placing a similar misfortune on another.

Let’s just say the guilt tripping worked. Even though everyone was telling him to calm down and stop intimidating her it felt like everyone still wanted his questioning to carry on. Probably to know what her response would be. He broke the girl down and she confesses that the VP did nothing wrong.

Whilst all this case drama was going on we had Dong Ho. Acting like both In Ah’s and Jin Woo’s guide dog. I swear it felt like a mama lion looking over her cubs or something. Literally every time they both went on fieldwork he would be in some corner car watching. He’s pretty much a step ahead of both of them especially when Jin Woo tracks down that one of Joo Il’s men was responsible for the fake video. He had Manager Pyeon on that quick. We also finally hear Dong Ho pipe up about their contract- that little thing is gonna make a reappearance soon.

To be honest I felt like he is exactly that- their father. There was one scene where Chairman Nam tells him and Joo Il to commence the next plan against the VP. Dong Ho just looks baffled since he thought the VP incident had everything to do with Gyu Man. Boiii was he wrong as Joo Il explains that the Chairman Nam will destroy anything in his son’s way. That is also pretty much what Joo Il did to Dong Ho and what now Dong Ho is now doing to them.

Although Dong Ho tries stopping Jin Woo by stopping him from catching Joo Il- his plan still fails.ย Bitch thought Jin Woo would stop his rampage.ย Bitch was totally wrong since everything fell in place in the end.

Talk about a victory and a half for Jin Woo. He wanted to win for his client’s innocence and come into Gyu Man’s cave looking like Zeus. The ending played that out pretty nicely as he peaks Yeo Gyeong’s interest. A lot it seems as she invites him for drinks after the trial. I would explain but I think the screenshots does the scene justice. Just feel the bossness in that scene. Jin Woo looked like he caught the biggest lion in the world looking like a fish. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Funny Moment:

Ooo double combo for this week. It has to be when In Ah is drunk and slates the couple on the other side. Girl how you gonna be raw like that ๐Ÿ˜‚ It was hilarious how she basically called her chubby cheeks and if it was me I would of dashed my alcohol at her. BUT I couldn’t deny how funny it was.


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