Remember Ep 5 ShamzCapz- “That Daddy’s Boy With No Manners” [Soo Bum]

My my my have the tables changed in this episode. Can I just say how much Jin Woo has changed from naive to boss bitch. Weird… his character continually reminded us how much he has matured mentally as well as physically ;). OK enough of my dirty mind.

All of them have changed in some way. Let’s start with our main man Jin Woo. I can’t believe he now has his own practice as well as a squad. No joke I was confused when I saw he had the stammering lawyer (Jae Ik) from the first episode. Hmm.. I would like to know how that friendship blossomed. Jin Woo slayed that employment case HARD. However it was a little strange to see him brush off the claimant’s daughter so easily. She sort of resembled his frantic nature, except her father was guilty in this situation.

He also has acquired a new accomplice (Manager Yeon) who I feel like knows of Jin Woo’s true feelings. Because although Jae Ik thinks they keep cracking private jokes, she seems to notice why he moved to their new office as well as why he takes on the current case which is the core of this episode.

Speaking of new accomplices… Dong Ho. I was wondering what happened to him. Let’s just say he seems to have become the rich’s bitch. Or a nicer way to put it would be their docile servant. He’s even taking on Gyu Man’s  friends’ cases. Literally everytime Dong Ho comes into contact with any of them you can just see their smug faces now that he is their minion. To be honest he looks like a sad minion who lost his confident demeanour too.

Eventually our main characters coincidentally once again meet in the court room. As if by fate, one case, involving Gyu Man’s dirty acts, brings them together after 4 years. Well it seems Jin Woo is the happiest of the three since he has been doing his research on everyone involved in his dad’s case.

The case basically involves sexual assault by the VP of Il Ho group. Bringing In Ah into the case as it involves her victim from another case. Dong Ho because he is Il Ho Group’s official lawyer. In Ah hasn’t changed much and is still very much the true justice seeking individual she is. Constantly making sure who the real defendant is by getting down and dirty. I was happy to see she was under the high profile prosecutor from the first episode as it seemed like he had good morals he could pass on. The way she looked shit scared when stuck in a elevator with Gyu Man tho. I wondered if they will have any sort of romantic link but I doubt it because the judge dude looked more interested.

Jin Woo has been busy you know! Not only has he mapped out his targets but he has earned his favors throughout the company. I loved how Jin Woo manages to slyly snatch the case away from Dong Ho. I mean Dong Ho wasn’t really putting up a fight against In Ah in that courtroom so it was strange. Jin Woo explains how he pretty much isn’t going to win because Gyu Man wants this VP out. I mean it was pretty bait from the beginning of this case that something fishy was going on especially given the dirty looks he was giving the VP during the company meeting.

I was bouncing around my bed when Jin Woo slayed in court. The way he turned the trial around to show the victim’s true colours. Fammmmm. Dong Ho also sneaks into the back to watch it all unfold and finally he gives us a true smile. YAAAS JIN WOOO YAAAS.

Funny Moment:

Wow I never thought I would really find one for this drama but I have. I love that the drama has decided to pair these two up as a bromance. Soo Bum (Gyu Man’s assistant) and Manager Pyeon (Dong Ho’s assistant) share a little moment where we finally see Soo Bum’s true colours. I swear it just looked like he was venting to a new found friend who was just encouraging him to bitch. It was so cute and I feel like this combo is gonna work in Jin Woo’s favour later. Sharing steamed buns and everything. Awwwww. Peak times when he can’t relate to his situation.


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