Remember Ep 3 ShamzCapz- “No Matter How Dirty He Is, He’s Not An Easy Target” [Joo Il]

Wah this drama has so much to explain to me. Not to mention how hardcore my Yoo Seung Ho feels are. Lets move on before I get carried away.

So I think my inkling from last week was true. Dong Ho took on defence counsel partially because Jin Woo peaked his interest and the connection with Gyu Man. I swear Jin Woo looked at him like he was his life saviour. Especially when they began their confidential discussion with Jae Hyuk. We all knew that he was forced into writing a fake confession. I’m just glad it was no more than that because when they showed us that abandoned warehouse I was slightly worried some gruesome stuff went down. This revelation acts as the impetus for Jin Woo and Dong Ho to start a successful attack on prosecution. The detective’s face when he was caught out by Dong Ho was priceless. Well it wouldn’t of even been possible if it weren’t for Jin Woo’s ability of course. Yes yes yes! (I’m screaming now but trust me read on to when my hopes get shattered).

You bet after this Gyu Man looked like he was silently killing Dong Ho over and over again in whatever mental hell he had going on in the effed up head of his. This guy seriously… has some issues. The way he turned into an absolute pu**y in front of his father. Ahhh I was smiling like goofy. It seems the one thing that actually scares him is losing his luxury and power. AHA I was right that Yeo Kyung was his sister. Not gonna lie though he looked as if he hated her.

Of course after his dad’s warning of desolation he begins his tantrum. He gets drunk and asks a girl to imitate a dog to obtain his car. Wtf? I would of dashed the alcohol on his well-structutured face ( not gonna deny he is slightly hot) and went ham on his car. I would have became his worst nightmare. I was glad to see the girl who came forth to do it was actually one of Dong Ho’s minions. Capturing a video of him admitting killing Jung Ah. YAAAS DONG HO YAAAAS. Literally all Gyu Man could do was throw his laptop, which did jack shit.

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Our protagonist’s situation is not helped by the fact that he now has medical confirmation of his father’s Alzheimers. Just makes the whole situation worse to be honest. I do agree with In Ah in that him not remembering makes it seem as if he is faking it to get off. Jin Woo blinded by emotions lashes out at her but forgives her later when they both play out another tag team. Not sure how I feel about this combo still, it doesn’t really give me a romantic vibe as of yet to be honest.

Now comes the confusing parts for me. The way Dong Ho acted towards Jin Woo after accepting counsel was as if he had adopted him under his wing. It was nice to see that he started to treat him as one of his own. UNTIL I saw the ending. We see Dong Ho actually having a meeting with Gyu Man’s father. WTF? Dudeeeeeee why you gotta do this?? Please don’t tell me it’s what I think it is.

Although that part sort of makes me come up with a theory explaining another confusion I had. Earlier when their tag team slayed in court I was wondering how the hell this drama has 24 episodes. On top of that how come it’s been four years and things are in the same position. My theory is maybe Dong Ho drops the case due to financial benefits but Jin Woo can’t do much. Because in this episode in exchange for no money, he contracts him to not use his skill for anyone but him. As well as work for him. Do you see what I’m getting at? Then again he did say only if his father gets out… I may be completely wrong but who knows! And yeah his contract on a note is legally binding… I should know.

My next confusion. Jin Woo and In Ah how the F did you get into that villa without getting noticed? Like I saw them guards and knowing me I would  be flailing within a minute of me getting in. They even managed to escape without a scratch. How? Anyway they go to Dong Ho’s office to tell them of their revelation. It just so happened the day of the bus incident he remembers seeing the dress rack which was found in the villa room. Coincidence?

On top of that In Ah and Jin Woo find the video tape of Gyu Man, whom they saw at the villa. Problem is Dong Ho hangs up on him when he mentions he found them. Is that supposed to be indicating something? Since he is meeting Gyu Man’s dad, is that supposed to mean he is officially fu*ked? This drama seriously… I really hope after all this build up it’s not gonna disappoint me.

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