Episode 4 – “Because We’re Not One But Two” [ Urban Zakapa – 2 1 2 / 둘 하나 둘 ]

Ok  to be perfectly honest I haven’t actually got much of a playlist going on for this episode. Mainly because I haven’t really got any songs that have been on repeat so yeah… I feel like I would be cheating you guys if I just put songs I was vaguely listening to. But I have added a song which is a little old but I listen to on a regular basis- cafe latte. I think its a song perfect for this weather. Anyway my songs this week are quite mellow, so shall we press play?

Thumping / 쿵 쿵 쿵  [ Kim Min Seung ]

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 23.24.13
So of course I’ve been watching She Was Pretty and this song is by far my favourite from the ost. It’s such a mellow yet happy song and it always makes me smile. Especially the 쿵 쿵 쿵 part. The lyrics are pretty sweet as they revolve around the dude expressing how much he adores his girlfriend and his love for her. I’ve never actually listened to any of this guy’s songs before but his voice is breathy and sweet. Did that sound weird? Whatever, weird is my forte here.

No MakeUp / 노메이크업  [ Zion.T ]

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.44.35
Zion T… ahhhhh 좋다! His voice is so unique and different. He definitely puts me in my chill zone everytime and I like that his songs have substance in them. Plus them chill vibes from his voice… ooooo. #SerenadingTheKitties The MV wasn’t extravagant or anything and mainly was just him and the band. It worked well I think because you focus more on the lyrics. The song actually reminds me a little of Bruno Mars – just the way you are. Mainly because they have a similar message in them. There’s always gonna be someone who thinks you’re pretty just the way you are, even when you be rocking them PJs with a messy bun. Yes I can’t deny it either; it is my go-to look. My favourite line from the song is- “you seem tired, tough day maybe, come rest in my arms baby”. YES ZION T I’M FLOATING TO KOREA. #ExcuseMyFeels Its so hard for us ladies when for some reason our brain keeps thinking another is prettier when in reality that person just isn’t us. She likes creepers I like Jordans. #BeYouB 

[ Urban Zakapa ]

These guys I love a lot when I need to unwind and relax. So I have two songs from them actually. #NeverOne2Disappoint

Cafe Latte / 커피를 마시고

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.17.20
I cam across this whilst I was searching for Korean Indie. I fell in love. I repeated and went into a fantasy land of happiness. This particular song is centred around remembering a past lover but in a positive way. As in remembering the good memories despite not being together now and comparing their partner to coffee. Mmm… I’m more a latte person myself. I love listening to this song when I’m in a good mood and just relaxing with my own cup of coffee. Speaking of this song is perfect for the Autumn weather we’re going through right now. One for those breezy days and chilling at a coffee shop.

2 1 2 / 둘 하나 둘

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.52.29

What I love most about this song is the music video. Making the everyday seem much more special than we normally take them to be. I really loved how they did the MV for this because the couple were seriously cute. It’s funny because given the lyrics as well it could have ended up totally cheesy but it was not in any way cheesy. Of course Urban Zakapa never disappoint with their lyrics either. It’s a lovers song but I really liked the line – “were two not one but two”. It’s interesting because usually you would say we are one but this song throughout emphasised being two not one. Not sure if it was intentional on their part but I thought of it as two different individuals coming together and enjoying each other. As in two people being whoever they are but also see things the same way. Ok now I sound cheesy 😂 #LemmeStop


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