Thicker Than Blood?

Family is so overrated. Why do we say “thicker than blood”?

Family was supposed to be there, behind me, catching me in case I fall. Instead it watched me fall, tumble. Encasing me in its disapproval.

Family never realises the effect of its venomous sting. Its jagged yet soft sting. It thinks the poison is helping you, pushing you and growing you to become better. The ultimate elixir.

What you don’t realise family is that you have pushed me off. Off into the trenches of your hell. Where I now fight you.

What a pitiful war game we play. Both of us struggling to communicate the peace we feel deep inside. Exchange the gunfire for understanding. But why understand when playing with fire is more thrilling?

None of us willing to wave white. We begin our very own hunger games. Except I am no voluntary tribute. The hunger for power you feel will overcome any blood we share. I’m just the statue to commemorate this power. Your reputation.

But I always surrender. I surrender in your greatness. I’m not willing to fight for this reputation. This power you seek from the cockroaches surrounding us. Because. I love you Family.

                                                               – TheOnlyShamz


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