Episode 3 – #취향저격 [iKON- My Type]

Not must to say about my playlist for this week apart from the fact that I’m not sure who my favourite rookies for the year are. I mean I like both Monsta x and iKON, but I feel like I’m leaning more towards Monsta X. I love all of their personalities, not that there’s anything wrong with iKON but I don’t feel much of an attachment to them as much. Good songs though apart from ‘Airplane’. I’m sorry but that song is just not my type- get it? Ok maybe not lol. Anyway I’ve seen a lot of hate for them recently but I’m gonna be perfectly honest, apart from their music there’s not much else i know about them. I’m definitely feeling like YG is trying to create them as the new BigBang. Bruh… there’s levels to this. On their music, the only negative is that I can’t seem to hear anyone else apart from the two rappers. It feels like a rap group with added vocals which is a shame because I quite like the vocals. Chanwoo is growing on me fast…

Hero  [ Monsta X ]

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 14.44.42
I think I said this in my last post but these guys are growing on me fast. I was wondering whether to include Hero in this post since I just saw their teaser poster for another MV version(?). BUT this song is too good to wait, plus I wanted to share my fangirling. The song is about telling all the thirsty guys to back off from their girl. They can be my hero any day. The Mario references in I.M’s rap- I see you. However above that it was the way the MV was shot that I loved the most. The dancing was more smooth than hardcore and the drones filming them on the helipad till the night was awesome. The song grabbed me as soon as it started… not to mention the abs teasing of course. I can’t believe I still haven’t picked a bis yet but the day will come soon 😂. #ThatNightViewOfSeoulTho #ICanBeYourHero #YesPlease

Think / 널  [ Yang Da Il ]

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 15.53.37 I actually randomly came across this song. I have no idea what it’s about but clearly it must have a romantic theme to it. I tried searching up the English lyrics because 1theK’s translation made no sense. #NoOffence The R&B feel to this song was just… ergh so perfect! Whenever this song comes on I just zone out to my own world. I’ve never heard of Yang Da Il but he has made it onto my list. His vocals are amazing and the simple MV suited the song well. But why is the song so short! I was so gutted because a full length song would have made my day. 😝 [EDIT] I just downloaded the song off iTunes and found out that its actually longer than the MV 🙈. Still a good slow jam!

[ iKON ]

iKON iKON iKON… hmm. This group I feel conflicted by. I didn’t watch the survival series but I know they were a highly anticipated group since this is YG, and hello but have you seen Bobby? He’s the main reason I listened (and no not just to see his hotness but that was an added bonus). His gruff voice is just #Perfect. I decided to put both their songs under one heading cause I have a lot to say.

My Type / 취향저격

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.03.48

Starting with their debut song, my initial reaction was that it wasn’t for me. The MV was cute and all but it just didn’t grab me.  It’s not even that I hate slow jams, it was just a little lifeless for me. Until I kept hearing it everywhere… I began to start singing the chorus all the time! #YGDoneItAgain I think like everyone else I was expecting something hardcore at first. The song itself is about how their crush is amazing in every single way- typical I know. I don’t know why but the song sounded like it was B.I and Bobby and that was it. Honestly I don’t really know the others and they were pretty hard to notice when B.I and Bobby were singing as well.

Rhythm Ta / 리듬 타

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 15.58.55

Rhythm Ta on the other hand was sick. I know the song was more to get everyone jumping and stuff but to me it was more of a song I can you know bounce my head to. Bobby ‘s part was my favourite of course, he has that lethal voice and his hype is insane. You would definitely catch me turnt at his part. The blonde tall guy was slowly trying to catch my feels with them blue eye contacts. Go away dude I’m trying to be loyal here and I can’t handle being a Noona. Definitely a good jam. I did catch B.I’s part about idols. Yeah… not really sure what to say about that.  #NoComment My buddha I would’ve loved to be one of those jerseys just hanging in the background of the locker room. Plus Bobby please stop flashing us randomly… like I do need to survive the flipping MV by the way. #NoToTheBraidsBobby

Working / 일하는중  [ Jung Kook ]

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.12.59

Ehhh… if anyone ever reads this section you’re probably getting tired of me talking about BTS. 😅 They are too good for my life and they have NEVER failed me. Jung Kook isn’t the golden maknae for no reason because this song hits me hard. It’s a cover of Yanghwa Bridge by Zion T- also a good song. It’s about the comparison to when he was young to now where he’s the one working instead his parents. My favourite line is when he says “let’s be happy, let’s not hurt”. Ah this song relates to my life right now and that’s why I’ve become attached to it. Except Jung Kook has actually reached the next stage whilst I’m still stuck trying to figure out my ways. Damn you Jung Kook for making me think deep. #BladclartIsYouJungKook


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