[Ep 1] – Unexpected Friends & Monsta X Feels #ThankGodImNotANoona

The past three years have been a roller coaster for me and things haven’t been going too well. But I recently graduated and my mindset as well as my perspective has changed a lot through those years. I also have recently found my true passion, likes, self and a dream upon which I’ve begun to embark on. Ok now I sound like I was enlightened but no, I seriously have been struggling. However little things have happened that keep reminding me to go forward.

12030535_10206644101077812_4433939235217830776_oWhilst in Costa a girl approached me out of nowhere and asked me if I was learning Korean. I was shocked that someone even came up to me and asked. Because I had seen a few people round since I began studying who have either were watching Kdramas, We literally chatted for 2 hours. Jenni  (I’m not gonna use her real name) actually moved to London for her masters so she knew no one and I felt sort of privileged to be one her first acquaintances. Yes I have friends, but bruh someone actually approached me out of genuine curiosity. That is an achievement in itself. Turns out she had actually did a summer course at Korea University two years ago. My face dropped… how did this even happen out of nowhere? I was actually contemplating whether to go Korea to study the language for a year so I was a little taken aback. Thank Buddha she liked me- yeah she gave me her Facebook so in my books that means someone likes you. Anyway I was glad to meet her because now I finally have someone I can practice Korean with and got to for help. Because you know sometimes although a native speaker is useful, a non native speaker would be able to understand your struggles well. #TheStruggleIsSoRealLearningKorean  We went to this quaint cafe in Chinatown and it was fun. Wasn’t like we were talking about something amazing or anything but just chilled. Chinatown also looked amazing that night because they have the lanterns up for the moon festival so it was all lit up. I never thought I would encounter new people in my life after around my second year of uni. Because you know when you just have your group after that it’s not easy to make friends randomly. Well this week clearly proved that wrong.

Not gonna lie this new Rookie group, Monsta X, are really starting to grow on me. Maybe even more than IKON. #YeahiWentThere Their first song Trespass was my shower jam and yes before you question it, it is a ‘thing’. Of course my noob level of Kpop meant I only just heard of them. I did listen to Rush but meh- apart from the chorus it didn’t really grab me. But Hero- now that song has been on repeat. It was pretty sick that they shot the MV on a helipad with a drone. I liked that their dancing was relaxed because they could have gone hard.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 20.58.29 Anyway whilst searching them up I found an article relating to one of the members- Won Ho. It had pictures of him smoking, partying etc. whilst underage. Then I saw the comments that the article highighted by some netizens. My Buddha- some people…  I guess may be in Korea it’s more of a taboo thing especially given he is an idol whose supposed to be looked up to. But I’ve seen worse. To be honest i don’t even get how the dude got any by looking like a twig. Now of course he looks just… #NoWordsToDescribeTheHotness Some of the comments were bashing on him for being an even bigger prick then he is and how the rookie group just got worse blah blah blah. First of all- have you seen yourself? Probably looking like a headless chicken behind that computer screen. Secondly, why are you bring up someone’s past for? I’m pretty sure if someone brought up your past, you’d be moaning and whining saying that the world is evil. THE WORLD IS EVIL BITCH GET OVER IT.. No one’s perfect, he broke the law but he seems to have realised his mistake and is moving on. I just don’t get why some people are so focused on nitpicking people’s flaws to bring them down. Trust me I live in such a family and it ain’t pretty. Also I’m pretty sure someone’s going to say I’ve written this because I’m biased. Just no- this is just common sense. Rant Over. (I realise how late I am with this news but I just wanted to share my opinion)


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