Episode 2 – “You Are You. I Am Me” [Hyuna ft. Il Hoon- Roll Deep 잘나가서 그래]

Thankfully I’ve kept my promise of keeping up with this section, unlike my other sections so I hope you enjoy! Literally drained all that rice energy my mum feeds me to get this post out and I’m pretty proud of it. 

Roll Deep / 잘나가서 그래  [ Hyuna ft. Il Hoon ]

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 22.23.13

In one word this song is ‘badass’. The song and the lyrics to some  may seem pretentious and egotistical. To me however it sounds more of a comeback at those haters who call her a slut for being a little unconventional. I on the other hand thought she looked hotter than my mum’s mutton curry and I know her image is known as being sexually open. But seriously, each to their own and she’s just being herself. She pretty much owns her concept and slays. The beat itself is catchy and Il Hoon’s abs … Anyway moving onto the video it was pretty flashy and colourful just like the actual song and the outfits were on point. The green and blue coloured hair especially was banging. Sort of reminds me of a song that would play in Mean Girls. Was I the only one who initially thought she was saying “don’t touch me; you can touch me”?  #ReginaGeorgesThemeTune

Hold Me Tight / 잡아줘  [ BTS ]


Don’t know if you’ve realised by now but I’m a big BTS fan- don’t get it twisted though, I don’t do crazy. At least that’s what I tell myself. This song, the way it’s sung even conveys the meaning of the lyrics so well. Especially Jimin’s voice… that guy has improved a lot. I was also surprised that this song was written by V. Anyone who knows BTS knows how much of a blank faced weirdo he is. I’m just surprised this is the sort of lyrics he came up with to portray the loss of a lover that one longs to hold again. Kim Tae Hyung, you really are 99% idiot and 1% genius. I always listen to this song when I reminisce about certain past memories. #VTheRealManWhoCameFromTheStars Get it? Ok maybe I should shut up … 😂

Bad  [ Infinite ]

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 22.37.08

I’m not even an inspirit (is that what the fans are called?), and truthfully Infinite is not a group I keep up with or anything. Soon as I heard this song though I  felt like I was blessed by whoever sang the chorus. Like I said don’t really know them too well apart from Myungsoo in Masters Sun- damn right I remember that guy. The violins along with their voices was perfection. Not entirely sure what the song is about but judging from the video the dudes are going nuts over a girl, as per usual, who they know isn’t good for them. Sometimes you just can’t help it if the kitty game is too strong. Literally got me in the shower singing #BadBadBadGirl. My Buddha their lips were pink! Like quite noticeably. They could probably pass for wearing MAC’s flat-out fabulous. Well they probably are wearing the Korean counterpart but still; they’re so lucky. #MelaninGirlProblems

Boys With Fun / 흥탄소년단  [ BTS ]

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 22.49.51

Onto one of my number 1s anyday. Bangtan Seonyeondan NEVER fail me – then again maybe I’m a slightly biased. This song is soooo much hypee! It’s carefree, feel good, upbeat and is all about forgetting about the BS and having fun. I’ve read the lyric translations too and I love love love love it! Especially the actual stage performance of the song, you just want jump along and jam despite possibly looking like a retarded fish. Also appreciate that the song tells all them buzzkills’ that the exit is where the cliff ends, then jump. #ByeFelicia My favourite part is sang by Suga cause his lyrics to this song are perfect. He comments at one point “this is fun, all the fakeness has gone home… throw your shyness away it doesn’t matter”. These dorky, hyped dudes is the sort of people I surround my life with. If you’re looking for a pick me up song then this is it. #GetPickedUpErrdayByBTS #ButSeriouslyCanIBeYourFriend ?

Trespass  [ Monsta X ]

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 22.41.35Ok I know I’m late on this Rookie group but I don’t follow Kpop religiously enough to be up to date. Whatever I come across, if I like it I listen and that is usually how I come across songs. Trespass is one of those tunes that rookie groups come up with to grab everyone’s attention. It’s got that catchy beat, the cool moves and of course we can’t forget the defined looking members. Despite holding guns, being grabbed by security (cause you know they’re all about that life) I loved them. I can tell I will be looking out for them since they still seem like fun-loving dorks so we shall see. Speaking of I should probably go search them up now… #EnteringTheSecondStageOfObsession. #ExcuseMyCharisma #ExcuseYouWithYourExplosionOfOffWhite #WhatIsItWithThatBrand ?


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