Episode 1 – “Freaky Freaky 해 Yea” [GD&TOP- 쩔어/ Zutter ]

So it seems my September playlist seems to imply my desperate need for the Summer to not be over. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to return to the reality that is life but anyways enough of this moping and onto the songs. I’ve tried to keep the list short and I will be doing this segment every two weeks because, let’s be honest, it will pretty boring to do a weekly rundown and as an inspirational woman has said before: “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Oasis  [ Crush ft. Zico ] 

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.03.39 Crush- just omygad. His voice is so blissful. Slow with a steady beat and oh my buddha that body roll from Crush tho! Also Zico’s ponytail… hmm #NoComment Zion T had to obviously kill it also with his guest appearance. If you don’t want to escape Summer and transcend into the cold Autumn then this song is the one. (Although London has had anything but Summer. We were literally blessed with a bucket load of the Lord’s tears) #StillOnThatSummerVibe

Fantastic  [ Rap Monster ft. Mandy Ventrice ]

screen-shot-2015-09-12-at-12-15-47 Anyone who knows of Rapmonster know he is lyrically amazing. Especially because his lyrics, not just in his mixtape but also in BTS songs, strike at the societal pressures on the younger generation. I haven’t translated this song as of yet but it definitely is pretty sick. I sort of wish it was not just on the Korean soundtrack of the movie. It definitely has a western song feel. Everytime Rapmonster said ‘burn’, I got rekt.

Zutter / 쩔어  [GD & TOP]

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.12.13 This combo I have been waiting ages for, especially after Knockout. I mean I like the GD and Taeyang combo too but come on, TOP & GD equal ultimate crazy combo. I think you even see TOP pull out the inside of a pig. But for some odd reason I was not surprised. Everytime they said ‘쩔어’ I felt like I was a bawse  (don’t lie we all have that song that makes you feel like a don). Me and my cousins were constantly bouncing to this though when we do it we look like a bunch of frigid worms. GD & TOP in suits = #Banging

MTBD / 멘붕  [ CL ]

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 23.14.07 Of course to follow from BigBang has to be 2NE1. CL is the physical definition of ‘slay’. When she performed this on stage she was ignorant and a diva exploding with charisma. I think along with the song that matches the title, her performance hooked me. Furthermore I’ve been lacking motivation lately so this song has been that push for me to get going. I’m looking forward to her US debut of course and I’m hoping she keeps the kpop core to her music but we will have to see. #CLisQueen #BeyonceWho

Sex Trip  [ Jay Park ]

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.22.40 Jay Park are you asking for a death wish? Either he has been really horny lately or he just had the best sex and decided to express those memories vocally. Well to be honest Jay Park has always been on that sex high.The girl in the MV was a goddess dripping in pearls, like literally, she was beautiful. #TeamMelanin This song basically is what it is called- Jay Park’s sex trip and seems to highlight the obvious fact that Jay doesn’t give a f*** where he is long as you’re ready. I think the female population won’t be needing a bus or a plane to come onto you. Then again I think Jay would be more than willing 😂. Why do I love this song currently? Some things are better left unsaid.#LetYourImaginationRunWild

So thats my first September playlist and I’m just trying out this new segment so I hope people like it… or not who knows. Stay tuned for more! 😝


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