Oh My Ghostess Ep 13 ShamzCapz- “Be Happy” [Kyung Mo]

I feel so bad for Sun Woo in this episode, he opened his heart up, but now he’s back to feeling alone again. Bong Sun on the other hand breaks down into tears because she believes that her only love she lost and she’s to blame.

The employees on the other hand are in a completely opposite mood. Now that they are a couple they won’t stop talking about it. Min Soo being the suck up he is even tells her to come late more often. However they have no idea about what had recently occurred between them so the tension is evident. Thankfully they begin to notice. The normal employees come to the logical conclusion that they had a fight, but Min Soo comes up with sex. I need a friend like Min Soo… brighten my life all day everyday.

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They’re so adorable as they even ask her what the tension between her and Sun Woo is about. Oh my those sexual references though Min Soo…

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Sun Woo who still can’t grasp the concept of having fallen for a ghost takes Bong Sun to the hospital again thinking she needs to be rechecked. I had no idea Bong Sun had suicidal thoughts! Awh Bong Ro Bong! You really need to open up more and just be yourself. (To be honest I should really take on Soon Ae’s advice myself)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 15.26.02

Ahjumma and Soon Ae together finally make the connection with Officer Choi’s actions against Bong Sun with Soon Ae’s death as she remembers his reaction to her diary. Ahjumma also points out to her that his horoscope readings don’t match up and his facial physiognomy looked very different in his past and present.

Ok this part was hilarious, it was totally supposed to be a serious moment but just Sun Woo was too funny. Soon Ae bursts in to tell Bong Sun about Choi but Sun Woo also bursts in with his own problems. Bong Sun admits she told everything to Sun Woo and he automatically jumps from his seat to see if he can see Soon Ae. Well you wanted to believe with your own eyes Sun Woo, so that chair being moved by Soon Ae should be enough to convince you. But he has an absolute meltdown when she goes to touch him and gets frightened by her chill. At least Bong Sun is honest to him, I thought she may chicken out but she tells him straight that she gave Soon Ae permission to possess her. I think Sun Woo was holding onto that statement not being true as his last strand of hope.

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Noooo Sun Woo stop dropping hints for Choi goddamit! Whilst he’s drinking, Choi joins him and he begins to blabber on about whether ghosts exists and if Bong Sun is Bong Sun. Pretty much tipping off the enemy now.

Sun Woo eventually talks to Bong Sun and tells her she shouldn’t have told him the truth. I just wanted to give him a massive hug; he looked broken and just desperate that she would tell him it was all a joke. Finally she admits her feelings to him and that was her reason for allowing Soon Ae in the first place. Sun Woo after hearing her reason seems taken aback that she resorted to such and looks a little shocked so he goes home to clear his mind.

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Bong Sun after her confession seems to have decided to F life so begins to pack her things away as well as ripping her scrapbook of Sun Woo. However she wakes up in Soon Ae’s room, it’s like these two were just fate. Turns out she fainted and Soon Ae’s father found her. Awh even though Kyung Mo has been rejected as boyfriend material, he’s now taken the role of an older brother for her. Soon Ae is just as shocked to find her there and relays her information on Choi to her explaining that her grudge may not have been a virgin grudge after all.

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Sun Woo although exuding an upbeat aura he is actually feeling the total opposite inside. I was fooled at first too because when I saw him so cheery and positive I was like, well he moved on quickly. But it wasn’t till Min Soo tells us that I realized. In fact the bigger the ordeal the more upbeat he is and it then switches to him crying n the closet. So to make him feel better they all decide to go for a drink up and they all slate women for being disloyal. Seo Joon however comes up with an interesting speech to spark something within Sun Woo.

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So in order to find out more clues Soon Ae possesses a new character, Officer Kang who has recently come back to the station after being unwell for a bit. After finding her diary locked in Choi’s cabinet she decides to try unlock it but sadly gets caught by Officer Han. I actually thought it was Choi originally but I was thankful it was Officer Han as he still remembers seeing Choi’s watch after being knocked out. So he relays his suspicions to her as well after she tells him that she suspects Choi for some underground deals. It turns out he managed to secure some evidence from when he got assaulted so he’s waiting on the results to show whether or not he can report Choi. As soon as he says this though I have a bad feeling that he’s going to die.

On the other side of the road Seo Joon’s wise speech leads Sun Woo back to Bong Sun’s room to find loose sheets from her scrapbook. He finds the cabbage soup recipe from her blog that he admired a while ago and makes the connection to her. Of course it was when reading her blog he mentions he feels like him and that blogger must be on the same wavelength. Furthermore I think Kyung Mo’s words (and that slap tho) together with his visit to Bong Sun’s grandmother is what tips Sun Woo over to chase after Bong Sun once again as he admits that he fell in love with her only.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 17.56.29Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 17.56.34 Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 17.56.38Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 17.56.39 Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 17.56.42

I’m going to admit this now but I still don’t see it? Like the Bong Sun and Sun Woo relationship, I don’t know I don’t hate it but it still feels abnormal to me but maybe its because Bong Sun is still slowly developing into someone as confident as Soon Ae? Am I the only one who feels like this?


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